Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Won a Prize --- A Crazy Aunt Betty Bag!

I won this Wine Gift Bag by being the first to comment on a facebook post before Valentine's Day! It's really cool!

We chatted through the personal message thing on facebook and I gave Betty my address.  We talked about sewing and quilting.  I checked out her Etsy page --- Crazy Aunt Betty Bags 

They are super cool! 

I looked inside each bag.  They are very well made. Good construction.  No loose threads. Very professionally made.

They are machine washable with the exception of the fancy bag and that you can sponge clean.

She includes 2 tags (To: and From: and a Happy Birthday one) with each bag.

She included a letter telling me how her bag business started.  I like reading about how things happen. You can read her story on Etsy on the About Page.

I took some photos with my magnetic letters because ...

... I am going to use the small bag for my grandson's magnetic letters and characters and the larger bag for the magnetic board.  They fit perfectly.  The brown floral bag I will share with my Mom. I am sure my Mom will love it.

I put a small baby quilt in the large bag to see if that would fit.  That size would be perfect for a gift bag for a small quilt. I am sure Betty makes them any size you would like. 

I had to order three sets of letters, because I needed 3 A s to spell Grandmama! 

While I was taking the photos, I played with the letters a bit.  I know my grandson won't mind.  Grandpapa thinks I bought the letters for me! LOL

I uploaded that photo three times -- why is it sideways???

Anyway ... I love the next photo.

Thanks Crazy Aunt Betty for the Bags!

Check out her Bags at Crazy Aunt Betty Bags on Etsy.



Saturday, February 21, 2015

Up Cycle This - Sweatshirt!

When I am sewing something "just for fun", I take photos of each step, that way, I can remember how I made it, just in case it turns out and I want to make it again!

My husband was getting rid of some of his old work sweatshirts.  They were still in pretty good shape and I decided to "Up Cycle" one for me!

The rest of the post will be all photos -- Only a few words and no instructions.  As I was making this, I just flopped the shirt on the floor and took a photo of each step. I was not planning to post, but a friend asked me to share. 

If you sew or quilt it should be easy to understand if you view all 43 photos.  

I started with a size 2XL 100% cotton sweatshirt that fit me. Make sure if you make one that the sweatshirt fits you and your really like it, before you start.

This Up Cycle --- Sweatshirt is available in a PDF Downloadable Pattern at Craftsy.com for Only $1.00.
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I zig zagged to join the strips.

 Then I topstitched it flat.

2 inch squares

That's it!  I "up cycled" my husband's sweatshirt!

Minutes for Me!

I love sharing!

Take some "Minutes for you" and have some fun!