Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Scraps - 2 Inch Scraps!

Do you ever just want to sew something, but you want it to be really easy to sew?  I like to sew on Sunday afternoons - just for fun!

When I made my String Bean Quilt  (Pat Sloan's Quilt Pattern) I had scraps and extra leftover fabric. I cut all my scraps into 2 inch squares.  There were some charms left and there were a couple pieces of bright fabrics that I did not use in the String Bean Quilt that I had pulled out to use. Because it coordinated so well, I cut it into 2 inch squares too!

I started sewing the squares together, while I was sewing my I Spy Quilt (I haven't shared that here yet), I used them as leaders and enders, when chain piecing (sewing).

Then last week Sunday, I sewed for a couple hours and stitched tons of 4 patches.

Next I stitched them into a row of four 4 patches - that's 8 squares across and 2 down.

I made a fruit snack in the middle of the day.  It looked like my String Bean Quilt.  

Of course, food arranged on a plate --- Looks like a quilt to me!

Today for Sunday Sewing, I made more progress. I stitched together the rows to make ten 64 patch quilt blocks. I had no idea how many squares I had. I just kept sewing...

I received a rose on Friday. I placed it on my table, so I could enjoy it while I was sewing.

I displayed them on a white sheet.  That's my design wall.

I kind of like it this layout. 
Maybe a print fabric?  
Maybe a purple fabric?  
Maybe an orange fabric? 
I am pretty sure, I do not like the white fabric.

Maybe I should put them right next to each other.

I like that too.  Time to pause and think...

With ten blocks, I have an extra one. I could seam rip it and make another row on the bottom.

I like the squares next to each other, but I will try some colorful print fabrics tomorrow or next Sunday, as I ran out of daylight and my fun sewing time.

 I took an up close photo with my rose. Looks cool with the squares in the background.

I love sewing on Sunday afternoons --- Sunday Scraps!

Do you sometimes, just sew for fun???

Enjoy your day!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

My String Bean Quilt for Pat Sloan's Challenge

I gathered up my colorful scraps to add to Pat's "Eat Your Fruits n' Veggies" Charm Pack.

I wanted some of Pat's fabric to be in the centers, so my rectangle was only 3 1/2" by 5".  My strips were odd sizes per one of her suggestions for the String Bean Quilt

It was a easy and fun quilt to make!

I found a cool floral blueish fabric for the last 2 strips and made it look like a lattice or sashing. I offset my rectangle blocks and I bordered it first with the blueish fabric also. Then I added colorful borders of a quilter's blenders fabric.

 I accidently assembled my blocks backwards per Pat's instructions. I just got so excited to make them... I read too fast, and just started sewing!  

I discovered it on the 12th quilt block!  Oh well --- backwards is just fine with me!  

I could have flipped the block on the top left around and it would have blended better, but I liked that it looked different.

I LOVE it!

Before I quilted my String Bean Quilt I was sewing on Sunday afternoon --- "Sunday's Scraps".  I cut all of my scraps from the String Bean Quilt into 2 inch squares.  I will share it sometime in the future.

I stopped to make an afternoon snack.  

It looked like my String Bean Quilt!

Of course, I had to take a couple photos!

I quilted my quilt very whimsically, with loops and big funky flowers similar to the floral fabric. I selected bright pink for the quilting thread and a wine pink for the backing fabric.

I selected Hobbs 80/20 Cotton/Poly batting. It is my favorite blend.

I made my quilt with Hospice in mind and plan to bind it and give it to the Rainbow Hospice Center of Jefferson County. (Wisconsin)

A few photos of the backside of the quilt.

Of course, I needed to take a full view photo!

And a few at an angle looking across the quilt.

I will add the binding next week.

I will link up this post with Pat Sloan's Link up on her blog on April 19th. 
On her blog, you can get the FREE instructions for making a String Bean Quilt.  Join in on this fun challenge!

Here is the link: Pat Sloan's String Bean Quilt Challenge

I am positive, I will make this quilt again! LOVE it!



UPDATE:  New Link up for all the finished quilt tops of the String Bean Quilts --- to enter to win prizes and to see all the beautiful quilts ---- Click HERE

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just in the Brick of Time!

This is my quilt for the 6th Project Quilting Challenge.

I named it "Just in the Brick of Time"  - as I finished it at the last minute! I started it on Thursday night at a quilt retreat and between returning home and setting up to sew at home and quilting and binding on Saturday and Sunday! I was also doing a million other things from unpacking and washing and cooking -- Yes I said cooking!  I stitched it all in about 20 minute intervals and then left it and came back again.

I just updated my post and it is complete with the "How to steps".

I linked it up for the Project Quilting Challenge with Persimon Dreams.

I created my quilt in Oelwein, Iowa on Thursday and part of Friday and in Boscobel Wisconsin on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is how I created my quilt -- Step by Step.

I started with several 5 inch squares.  I had at least 8 of each color and some of them I had 16 squares. I did not start with an exact amount.

Step One:
Place two 5 inch squares with pretty sides together and stitch them on one side. (1/4 inch seam allowance)

Step Two:
Rotary cut them in half -- through the stitched seam as shown in the photo.

Step Three:
Sew the sets of 2 rectangles together on one unsewn end as shown in the photo.

Sew them end to end until you have them all together in one long chain of rectangles.

Step Four:  
Take both ends and line them up to find the center and divide them in half and cut it. Then you will have 2 long chains of rectangles.

Start sewing the 2 long chains together as shown in the photo. Line them up off set as shown in the photo. This does not have to be exactly in the center.

Step Five:
Cut the long chain of 2 rows of rectangles in half again. See photo.

Step Six: 
Stitch together 2 more sets again in a long chain. Remember to line them up offset --- you may have to flip them around or trim some off. Repeat this step again.

Continue until it is as long and as wide as you would like it.

Step Seven:
Trim the end with a scissor. Press/iron. Then square it up on the ends with a ruler and a rotary cutter.

Step Eight:
Quilt as desired.  I quilted with Double Loops and Double Squares and Rectangles.

I selected a washable wool batting.

While I was quilting I stitched Marcia 2015 and PQS6Ch6 on one of the corners.

Step Nine:
Bind as desired.
I machine embroidery stitched my binding.

Now I need to make a matching quilt for the sofa!

 Thanks for following along!