Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Scraps --- More Crocheted Circular Mats

I sold the one on the left and I am making the one on the right larger.  It will be listed for sale too.

At this point, it measures about 17 1/2 inches.

This is the one I sold. It measured 14 inches across.

I shipped it out on Friday.

I cut or tear the strips. It doesn't matter. The smaller mat, the strips were about 3/4 inch wide. The larger mat, the strips were almost an inch wide.

I tie a square knot to hold the strips together.

Sharing a photo of the completed larger mat - 19 inches.

Here is an up close photo of the crocheting.

Love the corning ware on the mat!  

This morning I baked a Banana Bundt Cake and placed it on my new quilt plate and the mat.

I still love the snow photos the best. I will have to take a photo of the larger one tomorrow.


Monday, December 9, 2013

My Imaginary Snow Day and Sunday Scraps

What do you do on a Snow Day?

I work at home, so I never get a Snow Day.
Sometimes I pretend it is a Snow Day and I bake Mini Banana Muffins in the morning and then I go to work.

Since it snowed, I took photos in the snow!

It is a perfect morning snack for me. Cheese, apples, and mini muffins.

I made Banana Strawberry Chocolate Chip  Muffins. I found the recipe at  I substituted strawberry yogurt.

I made a few mini muffins and the rest went into a loaf pan. That way, I could get done faster and get back to work.

I made the round crocheted place mat from cotton scrap strips.
I tore 3/4" strips of fabric. I tied the strips together with a knot.
Using a size K metal crochet hook, I started with a circle of single crochets in the center. 

I worked my way around increasing a single crochet every so often. That way it will not curl up. 

I made the crocheted place mat on Sunday for "Sunday Scraps" and the muffins on Monday for my "Imaginary Snow Day" --- Well it did snow!