Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Joyful Jumper for my Granddaughter!

My friend, Kim Wells is the dress designer of the Joyful Jumper for - The very best online sewing patterns.

On Friday, Kim shared about the pattern on Facebook and I shared it there too!

I purchased the one that has multiple sizes, (bundled pattern) that way, I can make a new one every summer for my granddaughter!

finally found time to make the Jumper on Tuesday night and I finished it this morning before I started working - quilting. 

I LOVE it! 
The instructions were easy to follow and it was pretty fast to make. 

The fabric for the front of the jumper was only a small piece, so I had to put a solid fabric on the back side. That piece was not big enough either. I had to seam the back of the dress. 

Technically, you would choose just two fabrics, but I am a quilter and I love combining fabrics.

It is a reversible dress! 

It looks like I made two dresses.

On the Facebook group: Mamma Can Do It Sewing Pattern Group they shared the doll dress pattern free! You will find it when you go to their website. I made a matching jumper for my granddaughter's doll.

Hopefully, my granddaughter won't notice that the fabric print is upside down on the doll's dress. I used the scraps!

They also shared where I could purchase snaps and a snap tool. That will be much better than buttons and button holes.

The Jumper is on sale thru' March 29th - 35% OFF!

Joyful Jumper - This is an affiliate link, which means I get paid a little, if you purchase a pattern from Mamma Can Do It.

This is the fabric my daughter selected for the next Jumper. I plan to make a couple more before summer.

Enjoy your day!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Scrappy Hot Pad

I created a Scrappy Hot Pad for the Project Quilting Challenge - SCRAPtastic! 

I love being inspired by the Project Quilting Challenges!

I used a combination of two of my patterns to create this Scrappy Hot Pad.  My Scrappy Squares Place Mat and my Quilt as You Sew Hot Pad. Both are in My Online PDF Downloadable Pattern Store. 

Click here for the link to my Pattern Scrappy Squares Place Mat Tutorial Only  $4.00

Click here for the link to my Quilt as you Sew Hot Pad Only $4.00

I used the Heat Resistant Batting for my Hot Pad.

I stitched the squares on with a tiny stretch stitch. I think it looks better than the straight stitch.

I stitched a fold over binding --- If you need instructions on how to do this you can find it on my website: Quilt as You Sew Hot Pad PDF Downloadable Pattern.  

It looks great with my old Corningware dishes!

I linked up for Project Quilting over at Persimons Dreams for the Project Quilting Challenge - SCRAPtastic!

Enjoy your day!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Time Keeper for Me!

....And a bonus phone purse! I will share how I made the phone purse soon. It's fun and easy!

Through Project Quilting I won a Quilter's Planner and a Mini Planner!  Thanks so much Stephanie from Quilter's Planner!

I received it in February, so I got a late start, but it didn't matter, as I was able to start right in and get super organized!  I used to have a pile of notes on my desk and when I needed something I would dig through the papers to find something. As of mid February, I write everything in the planner. I am using the January pages for for extra notes and taping them onto the pages. I LOVE it!  I will definitely purchase one for 2019, as after using it for less than a month, I can see it is going to be absolutely perfect for me!

When the Project Quilting Challenge - Stitch in Time was announced I knew exactly what I needed to make - A quilted holder for my Quilter's Planner. I saw the free pattern for the cover on their website, but I decided I need more than that. I wanted it to hold everything! I can take it with me downstairs to my quilting studio and bring it back upstairs at the end of the day. It needed to have a spot for markers, note pads, and post it notes to be all in one place.

I create in Boscobel, Wisconsin. I named my quilted holder -- A Time Keeper for Me! I LOVE it!

Here's the fabrics I selected for this challenge. 
The lite blue hand dyed fabric is from Quilts by Barb. The dark blue is a printed fabric that a friend gave me. It was actually a few extra strips from a quilt she made last year.  I doubled up on this challenge to make it for Project Quilting Challenge and for Quilt By Barb's - The Yard that Keeps on Giving Challenge.

I am linking up this post over at Persimons Dreams for Project Quilting.

I used my Denim Quilt Block Pattern to create my quilt.
It is available for only $1.00 on My Online Pattern Store. 

I made my lattice strips skinny!

The yellow pins are where I wanted to quilt in my name and the year. I had to figure out where the front of the quilted holder would be so I stitched it in the right spot.

I did not use exact measurements and this is not really a tutorial, but I shared all the photos of the steps here.

I folded the fabric around the Quilter's Planner to figure out where to cut and stitch.

I cut and folded and stitched binding onto the fabric.

I will probably add a strap for carrying it like a bag, but I need to use it for awhile, before I can figure out where or if I want a strap on it.

I will share the how I made the phone purse in a couple days. It's fun and easy!

Thanks again to Project Quilting and the Quilter's Planner for the wonderful prize! Hop over and check out both websites!

Enjoy your day!