Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We Crocheted the Plastic Bag Strips into Lazy Daisies Today!

I am sharing the photos of the Hands On Demonstration from today at Timberlane Coffee House in Boscobel, Wisconsin.

This flower was made from this bag.


The flower on the left was made from this bag and the yellow one is from a yellow grocery bag.

The daisy on the right is made from this bag and the yellow one is from a grocery bag. 

We had 3 of these bags - 3 daisies!

Thanks to Marjo for saving me tons of plastic bags.  I filled my suitcase full of bags --- Remember I took 4 quilts to my daughter! There was lots of room in my suitcase.

Thanks Corrie from the Netherlands for inspiring me to create with plastic bag strips!

Check out Corrie's Website and facebook page - Haak-In.

Corrie's creations are beautiful!

At the class today, we did lots of folding and clipping and cutting!

Loved them at this step. They could be made into a grass skirt or pom pons!

We were being very careful not to cut the loops and our arms too! 

I just uploaded the PDF instructions for my Crocheted Lazy Daisy to tonight. 
Visit Marcia Wachuta - Crafty Sewing and Quilting's Craftsy Pattern Store »

My Lazy Daisy is made with fabric strips and the PDF is NOT instructions on how to cut plastic strips. I explain how to cut fabric strips - not plastic bag strips.

I also uploaded the PDF instructions for my Crocheted Flower Quilt Tie this week. I made it to wrap around a quilt. It also uses fabric strips - not plastic strips.

These PDF Instructions are Only $1.00 on Craftsy.  

If you would like a printed full color and full pages and large print instructions.  Send $1.50 for the instructions plus postage to me at:

Marcia Wachuta 
41826 Cty Rd W 
Boscobel, WI 53805

Crocheted Lazy Daisy $1.50
Crocheted Flower Quilt Tie $1.50

$1.00 US postage for one printed instructions.
$1.25 if you ordering both printed instructions.

Crocheted Flower Quilt Tie
Visit Marcia Wachuta - Crafty Sewing and Quilting's Craftsy Pattern Store »

What an enjoyable day!  

Thanks Madge of Timberlane Coffee House for hosting the Crocheting Demonstration!

Hope you enjoyed your day too!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Crocheting with Plastic Strips from Plastic Bags

I am presenting a Crocheting Demonstration at Timberlane Coffee House in Boscobel, Wisconsin on Wednesday, July 22nd at 12:30pm.

I am NOT teaching how to crochet. You must know how to crochet. We will use 3 crocheting stitches the slip stitch, chain, and single crochet.

It is a "hands on" demonstration:
I will share how to cut the bags into one continuous strip of plastic and roll into balls
how to crochet with the plastic strips.

Using the plastic stirps we will make a Lazy Daisy Flower!

a pair of sharp scissors 
a small metal crochet hook 
a couple clothespins
a small jar of vaseline  

If you have a couple colorful plastic bags bring them along.

I will be bringing a tub full of colorful bags from the Netherlands and will have them available at only 20 cents each.

Here are a few things I have made using the plastic bag strips. I did not make the heart - See next photo.

This cute heart key chain was given to me as a gift when I visited my friend, Corrie in June, when I traveled to the Netherlands to see my daughter and family. I LOVE it!

I made this crocheted vase cover using several of these blue bags when I took the class in the Netherlands a year ago.

I I love the blue with the yellow flecks!

I made this little credit card purse when I took the class last year. It could be used as a mini pad holder too!

It was made from the plastic bags you get at the grocery store.

Using this yellow grocery bag, I plan to make another lazy daisy before the class on Wednesday.

If you are interested in seeing the Hands on Crocheting Demonstration on Wednesday, 
Please call Timberlane Coffee House to reserve a spot for you. 
(608) 375-9123

Timberlane Coffee House
934 Wisconsin Ave
Boscobel, Wisconsin

Click here for the link to their facebook page.

I was so inspired by Corrie at the Haak In for teaching me how to crochet with the plastic bags, that I took it one step further and now I am crocheting fabric strips that I used to just throw away.

Click here to see the post about the class I took last year.

Click here to see the post about seeing Corrie this year and about the swirls on my luggage.

Click here for "Haak In" --- Crocheting in the Netherlands facebook page.

Click here to see the post about how crocheting the plastic strips has inspired my quilting.

I am excited to share how to crochet with plastic bag strips.

Join us on Wednesday afternoon!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bubbling BLUES!

I named my quilt "Bubbling BLUES".  

If you haven't figured it out by now...

I LOVE the color BLUE!  

I am obsessed with the color BLUE! When I see something blue, I smile from ear to ear.  

The color BLUE is definitely a  mood changer for me!  

Makes me SMILE!

When I selected Blue for my color from the Cherrywood Fabrics this month, I decided it needed to be divided with black strips to really make the blue POP!

As I was sewing them together I was smiling... OOOO I love it!

I added a wider black border, so I could cut it at an angle.

Here's how I cut it.

Selected the quilting thread -- of course blue and black -- that was easy.

I wanted to quilt with bubbles to really make the quilt whimsical, happy, and bubbly!

The next several photos shows each row and the series of bubbles that define the rows.

I Wiggle Cross Hatched Stitched the floral block.

I used 2 layers of batting --- 80/20 on the bottom and poly on the top. It gives my quilt a nice 3D look! It makes it a little firmer, but still flexible.

A couple photos of the backside for you.

My hanging sleeve is ready to sew on.  I will wait for a rainy day to do the hand sewing.  I do not like to hand sew at all! But I can do it!

I stitched in Marcia and 2015 in the outer border while I was quilting it.

YES I love the blues and the bubbles!

The Wiggle Line Quilting in the black borders gives it a nice finish and helps to create the angle of the quilt.

I embroidery stitched the binding on with a Wiggle Zig Zag Stitch.

A fun angle to take a few photos.

"Bubbling BLUES" a Half Log Cabin at an angle divided with black strips to make the blues pop!

I create in Boscobel, Wisconsin

by me --- Marcia Wachuta Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting

I would LOVE to quilt your challenge quilt --- Information about getting your challenge quilt detail quilted for 

Only $25.00 Value $65.00 to $95.00 --- Click here

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I am linking up this post over at Persimon Dreams for the Focus Through the Prism Challenge Series for Project Quilting.  Check out all the beautiful Log Cabin Quilts that were created in July using the Cherrywood Fabrics.

Enjoy your day!