Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - Where Do You Fit?

This week, Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts wrote on her blog:
 "Are you a square peg in a round hole, or a round peg in a square hole? Instead of trying to 'fit' within the square and round of the quilting design world, find what fits you - makes you happy and shout "I MADE THAT"!! (shhh - I think I'm a spiral)" 

So I left a comment: "I think if you are a spiral, then I am a Swirl! Sometimes I think I am just swirling around in all directions, but that isn't bad, as life is never boring that way! You always make me think!  Thanks!"

So for Thursday's Thoughts I decided to write about ...Where do I fit?  Because I live, think, and breathe quilting and sewing 24/7, where do I fit?  
For example, in my daily life and interactions with people...

When I am talking with my husband, a family member, and/or a friend, somehow the conversation switches from talking about an actor in a movie to that was a cool quilt on the bed in that movie. Or did you see the cool pattern on the building when they were in Italy? 

I seem to swirl around in the conversations.

Next we are talking about something with colors and how we perceive them differently. Did you see how the colors just flowed through that room?  It was so eye pleasing. Or how the clothes they wear wearing, would make a great color combination for a quilt.

Then the conversation is about how something makes someone feel better. I think or say, it's the same way a quilt comforts a person.  The person who creates the quilt feels good, as they make it and when they give the quilt, they know it will bring comfort to the receiver. 

I may suggest that we decorate something with a cool quilt pattern or add fabric to something to soften the look or give it color. Like adding fabric and color to my garden.

Yes I am very passionate about quilting and I do think about it all the time.  If I am not sewing or quilting, I am reading blogs, magazines, or I see quilts everywhere...  Am I swirling?  Or am I just passionate about quilting? 

So...Where do I fit? 

Here  -  right here!  I can express myself and how I feel.  No one thinks I'm weird, because all of you think the same way I do!  
Where do you fit?


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesdays - Easy Table Runners

Using my Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern, I created these three table runners.  They are all similar, yet at the same time, different.  The construction method of the Easy to Sew Quilt Block assembles the blocks to give you a unique and artsy look every time, without doing any figuring.  

I selected different fabrics for the borders on each table runner.  I free style quilted one of the table runners with a Two Color Ribbon Quilting with a Twist.  The twists are the dragonflies.  I chose scraps of blues and greens and I even used some of my extra wide quilter's blenders fabrics for some of  the blues. Remember the post about Extra Wide Fabric is not just for backing a quilt.

Hope you had a great Tuesday!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting Up Close with Wiggle Line Quilting in Special Areas

On Monday, June 13th I featured Wiggle Line Quilting.  Today we are going to take a look at Wiggle Line Quilting in Special Areas of the quilt or of the block.

On this quilt I wiggle line quilted on the whole block.  I think it gives it a bit of a modern look.
I outlined with wiggle line quilting on the outside border of the embroidered blocks in this quilt. 

Here is the back of the quilt.

I quilted with wiggle lines right down the center and in the triangular sections.  It softens the sharpeness of the zig zag pattern.

The quilting of the wiggle lines was used for the crosshatching pattern on this quilt.

How about a double wiggle line quilting in the blocks and through the strips? 

Think about adding the wiggle lines everywhere.
Another view of the double wiggle lines.

You can wiggle line quilt into the square and back out again and then continue through the lattice to carry the look through out the quilt.
I am just rolling it off the machine rollers to get ready to trim the edges!  The wiggle lines really do soften the appearance of the quilt.
Check out the wiggle lines on the house block.

Really gives this quilt a unique look.

You have seen this quilt before.  It is the Primary Colors Baby Quilt.  It was one of the quilts that was displayed in the Organic Valley Quilt Show. I made the quilt in January for the first challenge of Project Quilting.  

I quilted it with Zentangle Quilting (Wachuta Doodles) in each block. This block has the wiggle lines at an angle. Click here to see all the posts on the Baby Quilt.

The possibilities are endless with wiggle line quilting. You can try it just about anywhere!

Have a great Monday!  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Weekend Post - Quilts at Organic Valley

The other day I posted photos of my quilts that were at the Organic Valley Quilt and Rug Show on my Crafty Sewing and Quilting in My Garden, Kitchen, and Home Blog. Friends and family suggested that I post them here too!  So here they are. In March I was invited to bring three quilts for their display!  The quilts were in their show from April through June 18th.  

I used my Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern to create the first quilt for a fabric challenge for Quilts by Barb's Retreat last year.  This quilt was also featured in the Ribbon Quilting video - click here for the post about it and here for post with up close photos of it and here for the link to the video.

My Red, Yellow, and Blue Baby Quilt was created for a challenge for Project Quilting.  I posted about the whole process of construction from choosing the colors, through the sewing, and the quilting .  Click here to see those posts.

This next quilt was made using a variation of the Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern.  I used four extra wide backing fabrics to construct this quilt. The floral black and white prints, the solid black, and the solid white.  Click here for the post about using extra wide fabrics for piecing.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

FAQ's - Friday's Frequently Asked Questions - Not in My Night Gown!

Since you work at home, do you ever work in your pajamas?  Yes!  I get up early and I am dressed and quilting before 8am.  But I have to admit there are mornings that I have quilted in my night gown til 10am.  On my birthday each year, I stay in my night gown all day, with the exception of my 50th birthday, as we had a big celebration, so I had to get dressed!

Because I work at home I dress very comfortably.  Recently I bought a wonderful Marcia Top from Heather another blogger, who sews for a living.  I quilt for a living, but I don't make clothes anymore.  You can check out her blog here and Heather's Custom Sewing Etsy shop here.  She has 4 Etsy shops and they are listed on her blog.  I received the Marcia Top yesterday.  I unwrapped it and I put it on right away!  I love it!  It is the perfect work shirt for me! I sent Heather the 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is so nice and soft. Heather did a beautiful job of sewing.  It is well constructed and very professionally made. I am sure I will order another one very soon, as I love it!

Remember I work at home alone, so I had to take the photos myself.  I know how to photograph quilts, but maybe not myself.  I told myself to smile and say cheese -- but it didn't help.  Now all of you out there who wondered what I looked like ... Here I am! Wet hair and all!

The neckline is straight. It is looks that way, because I have one arm up. Remember I am the photographer and the model too.
Nice side view of me!  Ha ! Ha ! I could be a model! I forgot to smile in this one!

I love the pocket!

Tonight I had my husband take some outside photos.  He's not a photographer either.  He forgot to tell me to smile!  It was only 60 degrees in Wisconsin today, so it was a bit chilly to be outside in the Marcia top!
Ritch thinks I look cute in the Marcia Top. I know he loves me!

I only answered one question today - Just felt like doing a fun one!  

Keep emailing the questions.

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Have a wonderful weekend!