Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - Quilted Zipper Bag

  • 2 pieces of quilted fabric approximately 14" X 14" 
  • 14 -16 inch zipper
  • a fabric strip 4" wide by 16" long for the strap
  • a fabric strip 1 1/2" wide by 9" long for the zipper pull
  • thread

Turn under and stitch all 4 sides of the quilted fabric about a 1/4" and then trim it close to the stitching. See next couple photos.

Place right sides together (pretty sides together). Pin. Lay the zipper along the side to make sure it is longer than the side. 
Switch the stitch length to a loose basting stitch (4.0) 
Stitch a 3/4" seam allowance.
Press open and flat.
Lay the zipper face down on the open seam.
 Thread a needle with any color of thread that is easy to see.

Baste the zipper in place -- you can use pins, but they shift as you sew.  I suggest hand basting as it holds the zipper in place and doesn't move.

This is what the other side looks like.
Zipper sticks out the end.
Change your machine foot to at Zipper Foot.
Switch your stitch length back to a regular stitch. (2.0).
 I drew a line with a marker so you can see where I want you to sew.  There is line on a zipper that you are to sew on --- But I want you to sew just a bit to the right of the line.
 Stitch all the way down one side and stop about 1 inch before the end with the needle down and lift and turn and stitch across the end - right thru' the zipper.

 Then lift and turn and stitch back down the other side.

You may have to go around the head of the zipper - stay as close as you can and stitch to the end of the fabric to hold the tabs of the zippers down.
Flip over to the other side and snip out the hand  basting stitches. 

Then with a little scissors or a seam ripper snip out the basting stitches to open the seam.

Open the zipper.
Stitch across the end of the zipper one more time to secure it in place, because you are going to cut the zipper off. 

Cut the end of the zipper off.
Make the hand strap.  4" X 16"
 Turn in both sides 1" and press.
Fold in half and press as shown in photo.
 Stitch with an Embroidery stitch or a zig zag stitch down one side first.

 Then stitch down the other side - leaving the ends raw.

At this point make sure the zipper is open and that you leave it open for the next step.
Fold the two sides back and place the pretty sides together and pin the side seams and the bottom seam.
Insert the strap into the side seam and pin it in place.  I put it on the side where the zipper tab will be when closed.
Push the raw edges in the bag so the meet the edges and pin in place as shown. See the loop is on the inside.
Stitch down one side and then across the bottom and then up the other side.  Seam allowance - about a 1/2 inch.

This is really thick at the ends stitch thru' the zipper tabs.  Go slow so you don't break a needle. I sometimes hand guide the needle up and down thru' the thick parts. Make sure you backstitch at both ends.

Fold up the bottom seam 4 inches up.
Pin and stitch on the stitching line so it stays flapped up. This is the bottom tuck.
Turn right side out.

Zipper tab - 1 1/2" X 9" - Trim off the corners at an angle.
Feed it thru' the zipper tab.
Tie in a single knot.
Trim shorter with the scissors at an angle.
A completed Quilted Zipper Bag.
Inside the bag.
The bottom of the bag. 
 Measures about 10 inches wide ...
 by 9 inches deep.
Ready to give as a gift!
You can fill it up with quilting and sewing supplies.

Other Quilted Zipper Bags that I have created. Some I have sold, some I made just for me, and some I gave as gifts.

They make perfect gifts and can be made pretty fast once you have made one!

Thanks for following along.  If you have any questions about any of the steps leave a comment or email me directly at Marcia@craftysewing.com.

Enjoy your day!

I would like to share a link to another Zipper Bag tutorial for making it with fabric - not quilted fabric.  Kat also has a great method for the end tabs of the zippers if you want to finish it like hers. Kat gave me permission to share her tutorial with you. 
Thanks Kat for sharing!

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