Minutes for Me - Linky Party

It is when you take a few minutes for you, each day, even if it is only 5 minutes, to enjoy a moment or two. Remember the old saying: "Stop and Smell the Roses".  I call it "Minutes for Me"!

You may share 2 to 3 posts a week!  If you have made it, created it, cooked it, drew it, painted it, quilted it, sewed it, or even grown it -- Share it here!


Thanks to all of you who have shared your Minutes for Me here!

I am taking a Minutes for Me Break.  I will still have the subscription to Linky Tools and will still be using it for other things, but not a weekly party - at least not for awhile.


The Linky Party Tools will be used for the NEW Quilt Blogs Linky Party.

If you know of someone who has started a Quilt Blog and has less then 50 followers, ask them to link up.  It is a great way to find new Quilt Blogs.


I will be using the Linky Party Tools for the 2014 May for Me Celebration. Information about this year's click here --- May for Me Celebration.

There will be a Minutes for Me Linky Party each week in May for sharing your May for Me Posts about taking time for yourself.  Share Share Share....

When I am back up and running with the linky parties you can click here to share:

Click here for the current "Linky Party"  
Share, Share, and Share...

Share your Minutes for Me ideas here every WEEK at my Linky Party. 
Starts on the Thursdays every week and overlaps the next week's party --- so there is always a LIVE party!

Why link up here on my blog?
It's a hodgepodge of party......
Minutes for Me Linky Party... from crafts, sewing, quilting, photos, gardening, recipes, tutorials, and just thoughts and special moments.
Share your craft!  Share You!

Minutes for Me is for everyone.  We all blog about our "Thing" - our craft. We share it on our blogs. Come here to link up and share it with everyone.

Follow the simple Guidelines for sharing at the Minutes for Me Linky Party:
1. Link your post URL and not your whole blog.  The URL is for your specific post.
2. Please display a visible back link or my button in your post to this party or it will be deleted.  Back links will be required in order to link up.  Add it first before linking up. So grab my link first and add it to your post, then link up. Once you get used to doing that it is easy!
3. Be a follower of this blog, so you can link up every week.
4. Take a moment and visit some of the other participants. 
5. Please - No advertising or etsy links- unless it is a tutorial on how you made it.
6. You can share an old post or a New post. Just make sure you have a back link in the post.
7. You may link up 2 to 3 posts a week - come back as often as you wish! If you are having fun and you want to share it - share it here! If you have more to share in one week -- share 4 or 5 posts !  
8. Weekly Party starts at on Wednesdays each week and overlaps the next Wednesday Party so there is always a LIVE Party!

If you are NEW to Linky Parties and you need my help -- Email me directly with any questions. Marcia@craftysewing.com
If you have a problem and something does up load right -- Email and I will help you fix it!

This is my "Minutes for Me Button". 
It is sized to 150X150 pixels for your sidebar or for in a post. 
On Blogger Blogs: Right Click and save the photo first. Add it under Gadgets, as a Picture/Image, with this link http://marciascraftysewing.blogspot.com/

Here's some ideas to get you thinking:
Share photos - I love photos as the photos say it all and you only have to write a few words. If it is something you like - share it.
I will suggest photos of quilts, sewing, crafts, and gardens, but your "Minutes for Me" may be something else. Share what makes you smile.
Make sure they are Rated G - for everyone or they will be deleted.
Make a special tea or coffee to enjoy each morning. Tell us about it. Maybe take a photo of the cup with the morning sun streaming in the room.
I love simple recipes. Give credit, if it is not yours.
Take a few photos of a new bloom, of a family member or friend that made you smile, or of your dog or cat. 
Take the photos and share it here. 
Share a craft with us - doesn't have to be a tutorial - just show us what you made. If it is not your own creation, share the creator's information.
Sew for a few minutes each day - take a few photos of the progress. Enjoy that you took a moment to sew!
Share a finished quilt. 
Share an unfinished quilt.
Read a book or magazine - share your thoughts.
Share you.

I could go on and on. This will be a hodgepodge of "Minutes for Me".  
What makes you happy a few minutes a day? 
Share that with us!

Start simple, with just a few photos and a few words to share with us. Title your post whatever you would like, but tell us somewhere in that post, that this is your "Minutes for Me". 
It does not have to be a new post. YES - You may share an old post, but make sure you add the link back to here, to the old post. Thanks!

Please include a link back to my blog in your post or in your sidebar.

Thanks for linking up and sharing your Minutes for Me,

Take time for you...  Marcia

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