Challenge Quilts Cherrywood and Project Quilting

I created 7 Focus Through the Prism Quilts for the 7 monthly off season challenges for Project Quilting in 2015.  We purchased a beautiful bundle of 7 fats of Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabric.

It started in May of 2015 and continued through November. I completed each quilt during the month and shared a post about it and linked it up for Project Quilting. There was also a bonus quilt challenge in December.

Here is the December quilt.  We were challenged to use all of the 7 Prism Fabric Colors. Love Makes the World Go Round

Missing Monkey Wrenches --- PQOFFS6May

Friendship Chains  --- PQOFFS6June

Bubbling Blues  --- PQOFFS6July
Grandmama's Sunrise Windmolen  --- PQOFFS6August

Going Their Own Way --- PQOFFS6September

One Patch Short of a 9-Patch ---  PQOFFS6October

My BLUE Snowball  --- PQOFFS6November

In January 2016, I mailed the 7 20" by 20" Challenge Quilts to Kim of Project Quilting to be displayed in Quilt Shows throughout the year of 2016. Kim received over 200 quilts from participants from all over the world. 

I took photos of all 8 of my quilts together, before I mailed them out for Project Quilting.

I love all the colors together!

Submitting the 7 Challenge Quilts to Project Quilting for the Quilt Shows for 2016 meant adding a hanging sleeve, a fabric label, and a description about each quilt attached to the back of the quilt in a ziplock bag.  I also created a document with the descriptions and a photo of each and included that with my quilts when I mailed them.

Next, I rolled them up together, packaged them, and mailed them to Kim of Project Quilting.

I have been sponsoring with quilting prizes for the Quilt Challenges for Project QUILTING since the 2nd year. In 2019, they will be starting their 10th season!
Here's a link to Project QUILTING!