The "Row Winners of May for Me Bingo" will be added here.

I will be adding them manually as they win. 
It will be a link to their original posting of their Bingo Card. You can hop over and check them out!

Maria won a Pastels Charm pack from Marcia (me) for VERTICAL N.

Sharina won a Judy N. pattern for DIAGONAL.

Wilma won a Little Gatherings Charm Pack for HORIZONTAL.

Lisa of Port Hope--she won VERTICAL B! She has a flikr account.

Random Winners:

Wendy also won horizontal and will get the prize that we had to take back from Maria for being too lucky. (a mystery charm pack from Richard.)

Quilter000 also gets a mystery charm pack from Richard.

Patty won a Pinks and purples charm pack from Marcia(me).

Sally #76 won the John James Fun Pack - Sally please email Tonya


Holiday Fat Quarters Random--Richard--

Random winner - #32 - Teresa wins 3 yds of Extra Wide Backing Fabric from Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting.

ROW Winners