Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts - Quilting, Creating, and Photographing

Each week I think about what thoughts I am going to share on Thursday... Remember I work alone quilting all day long.  There is lots of time to think!
"Pause and View"... When you are doing something, almost everything and anything, you have to stand back and evaluate it --- "How's it going?" " How does it look?"
For example, when you are making a quilt, you have a pattern or a plan, if you are creating, like I usually do.  
You select your fabrics.

You lay them out on the table and see how they look together.  You imagine them in the quilt.  
As you are sewing and constructing your quilt blocks, you see how the fabrics combine to create the look you want to achieve.  
Then you lay out your blocks to assemble your quilt top.  You may rearrange them several times before you find the right color balance.  When you get it right, it will be eye pleasing and you sew them together. 

Next you add the borders to complete the quilt top.
Then the quilting.  I think this is a very important part of the process, as it not only holds the quilt together, it gives it life! It adds bounce and character! Then the binding finishes your quilt.
I created this quilt for a Project Quilting challenge.

Many things that we do everyday, have a plan. With each step in the process, we "pause and view" to see how it is going.  It is important to pause and view in order to have a successful accomplishment.

As I prepare the posts for my blog,(for you), I pause and view.  
My plan:  share what I do everyday.  I quilt, create, and photograph...  But the hardest part for me is the writing.  I am not a writer. Finding the right words is not easy.  Somehow it all comes together and I can share... I can share what I do everyday!
So if my words are not real clear, I am doing my best to say it, the only way I can.  Thanks for reading about what I do, because I am going to keep right on sharing, everyday - Well not everyday, but at least 4 to 5 days a week. That's my plan!
This is one of my favorite photos.  It reminds me of all the projects I still want to do!  The tomatoes are spilling out of the bowl, like the ideas in my head...  

I plan to quilt:  Develop new free style quilting designs and share them.

I plan to create: Using free form patterns to construct interesting quilts and quilted items.

I will photograph My World:  My quilts and quilting designs, quilted creations, fresh colorful food and place settings, my container garden, and last, but not least my dog, Gabby and my Mom's dog, Toby.  Oh and sometimes my family when they allow it!

I enjoy quilting, creating, and photographing... 

and sharing!

What do you enjoy doing?  Share with me...

Enjoy your day and thanks for being here with me!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I really like using scraps - I'll take anyone's throw aways. It may be in a planned pieced or paper pieced block or something free form. My photo skills are rather lacking - need a new camera.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Oy, photos are a problem. You really do plan and you really do love what you do and it shows!

When do you think another challenge will come out?

Татьяна said...

very nice, bright blanket turned out.

Belinda said...

I wish my "plans" came out as well as yours. Often while I'm rocking my grandson, better ideas come to me. I think it's because I'm still and my mind settles enough to actually think! Your execution, whether it be the quilting or the writing is a success in my opinion!!

Christa said...

I love your quilt, as usual!

I think my favorite part of the quilting process is finding fabrics that "click". Since I work with mostly vintage linens, it's fun when I find out that two prints from my stash go together like a set. I really enjoy combining the colors and patterns, something I never thought I was any good at.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I love the quilt, especially the quilting variety in each square!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I loved seeing your process Marcia nad your quilt is lovely. I can definetly relate to the tomatoes and the head crammed with ideas. LOL!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

beautiful quilt, Marcia!

I don't quilt, but I love taking whatever food we have in the house and creating a delicious meal from that. Kind of the same, but different! :)

Paulette said...

My problem is that the cherry tomato ideas are always bouncing off the table and rolling under something where I can't find them again.

I so enjoy hearing about your process and seeing your plans in action. That quilt is super cute!

For me the writing is one of my favorite best parts; oddly, the quilting is further down the list. Hoping to bump that up a notch or two in time!

Shay said...

That's my kind of quilt. Bright and colourful! As you may have guessed, scraps are among my favourite things too!

I have lots of plans. I love that you are being more conscious of yours and more thoughtful about putting them in to practice and sharing them with your readers.

Thank you for dropping by and linking up to FTF.You've given me some things to think about in terms of my own plans!

Love Of Quilts said...

Great looking quilt. Trish

thea said...

The quilt and the quilting are both beautiful!