Tuesday, June 8, 2010

108" and 120" Wide Fabric Backings for Quilts available to order by email or phone or ONLINE

Current Update on this Post:  
You can order the Extra Wide Fabrics online

I carry the Extra Wide Backing Fabrics and have always had about 20 colors to choose from. I have added more!!! Just wanted to let you know that you may purchase the fabrics and I can mail them to you. You can order by email or phone. 108" and 120 " wide backing fabric!
I carry all the colors in the Quilter's Blenders 108" wide and Four Tie Dye Brilliant 108" wide quilt backing fabric. And now a "color tone floral" in the 108" wide in six colors! I also added two Black & White in a tiny floral 108" wide and one Tan & Black tiny floral 108" wide. Photos are samples of a few of the new backing fabrics available!

 Sold by the yard. Prices range from only $9.00 a yard for the Quilter's Blenders to $14.00 a yard for the Black and White and the Color Tone Floral and the Brilliant Tie Dye backing fabric at $14.00 a yard. I also carry a premium quality 120" wide Muslin and Bleached Muslin for only $12.00 a yard. Just a reminder you can get a couple yards and use pieces in your quilt top, doesn't have to be used as a backing fabric! Also many quilters purchase the quilter's blenders to make pillowcases. The Tie Dye Fabric would be great for that! It is beautiful fabric! Shipping is very reasonable in the continental US depending on the amount your order.  
My website www.craftysewing.com

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