Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beans and Potatoes!!! YES ---- I do COOK!!

COOK at your own risk!!!! Ha Ha 1. Steam or boil fresh green beans. 2. Wash and slice "New" Potatoes -- leave the skin on!!! Pan fry the potatoes in butter or whatever you would like. Season with a little salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning. In the second picture I used canned diced potatoes -- Open can, rinse in cool water and drain water and pan fry them. 3. When both the potatoes and green beans are cooked --- drain the green beans and add them to the fry pan and toss with the potatoes. YES !!! They are ready to eat!
One night I didn't have any potatoes, so I pan fried Zucchini and a little onion and served it with fresh corn on the cob. Of course add a few flowers for color!!! Oh and don't forget to drink lots of WATER!!!

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