Monday, October 4, 2010

Three Easy to Sew Quilts -- All from different lines of fabrics....

Quilts will be on display at LouAnn's Quilt Garden in Oelwein, Iowa later today, October 4, 2010.

.... Just choose a line of fabric and stitch it up!!! Using The Easy to Sew Pattern... it will guide you thru' how to choose the fabric and how to sew this easy quilt! Sewing made fun again!

Linda Kowalski made the brown and yellow quilt and I quilted it with vertical wavy lines. Deb Czech made the pink and green quilt. I chose to quilt it with overall swirls. I made the blue and yellow quilt and quilted it with a two color ribbon quilting and double daisies. All using the same Easy to Sew Quilt pattern, with different lines of fabrics .... The pattern makes it so simple!! ..... Choose a focus fabric for the center sections of the block and then add a light, medium and two dark fabrics.... choose some with a little texture. The possibilities are endless!! Add a wider border on the outside or add two or three borders to make the quilt larger. Choosing a whole line of fabric makes it easy! 

See several photos of the Easy to Sew Quilts at the Photo Gallery at Lots of close ups too!

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