Friday, November 26, 2010

When I am not Quilting... I am Sewing... and I am Weaving!

Sometimes I make other sewing projects other than quilts!!! During the past two weeks my mom and I made 16 woven baskets!!! They are called Biscuit Baskets. First we were at a quilting retreat and worked on them for 3 solid days. Then we came home and I quilted for my business in the mornings and we worked on the baskets together in the afternoons and evenings up til the Eve of Thanksgiving. It was a fun project to do together! I cut the strips and stitched them. Mom turned them right side out and fed the heavy stiff interfacing into each strip. Then I pressed each strip and started the weaving process -- which this is where I added my own step of Zig Zag stitching the base of the basket before weaving the sides of the baskets. I did a lot of pinning to hold the fabric strips as a wove the strips and then stitched on the binding. I again used a Zig Zag stitch to finish the edge of the binding (an all machine stitched binding).

Biscuit Basket is the name of the pattern. See the picture with the information. I made a few changes as I made the baskets. I stitched the bottom of each basket with a Zig Zag stitch to hold the strips in place before weaving. I also used a 3 inch strip for the binding. The changes made the binding and weaving process easier. This is a link to all the pictures of the baskets.

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Chris Daly said...

I love these baskets Marcia. What a great gift idea! Thanks for the package in the mail. It arrived at just the right time.