Sunday, March 11, 2012

May for Me Bingo Rules and My Bingo Card

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks posted a great explanation and May for Me Bingo Rules. Click here.
Here is a list of the items in my Bingo rows:

B Computer, Beetle Bug, Blueberries, Cow, Tea Cup

I  Chick, Bumble Bee, Duck, Worm, Sunflower

N  Strawberry, Ornament, FREE Space, Barn, Hot peppers

G  Diver, Squash, Turtle, Cat, Cucumber

O  Dragonfly, Bonnet, Donut, Spider, Cat

Make sure you list the items in your rows with your Bingo Card, as some of the squares are hard to see.

Now hop over and read the Bingo Rules at Hillbilly Handiworks. 

Please leave a comment for Tonya, if you have any questions.

She will tell you when to have your Bingo Card completed and when to link it up.

Enjoy your day!

Here are the four May for Me Host Blogs:  

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks

Hop over and check out their Bingo Cards!

Hop over to Vrooman's Quilts  and she will explain how to assemble your Bingo Card Quilt.

Took a few Photos when I made my Bingo Card. Click here.


Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Just started working on my Bingo card with those adorable fabrics you sent me Marcia...thanks again!!

Richard Healey said...

I really need to start getting mine ready and get me one done.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I'm glad that you posted your novelty items so that everyone can understand. I'll link this to the bingo page tomorrow as I'm on the kindle right now.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Thanks Marcia, I'm working on mine!

Kathy S. said...

Thanks, Marcia. I'm excited about the one I finished it out last night. The squares you send me really helped me get it going! You can check it out at:

Kathy ~~~ said...

How do I get your e-mail to send you the URL for my blog where I mentioned MAY FOR ME and the BINGO STUFF? Also I can't get the URL for the Bingo button. Thanks This is going to be fun.:-)

Miss Hillbilly said...

Just got your card all logged and ready...let's see I'm at 49 out of 85. YIKES!

Quilter Kathy said...

So fun...your yellow row is my fave!