Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing with Tiny Blue Squares!

I had so much fun adding the blue fabric strips to my Chrsitmas fabrics, that it inspired me to create mini blue quilts.

This Holly Hobby plate was also part of my inspiration for the mini blue quilts.

I have a few old pieces of holly hobby fabric from the 60's or 70's.  I recently I bought this plate at a resale shop. 

"Start each day in a happy way!"

How about sewing little scraps each morning? 
Or at the end of the day?  I use it as an incentive for working hard --- I play at the end of my day!

I played on Sunday afternoon and cut several 1 1/4 inch strips from each of my blue print fabrics.  They are all set to sew together at the end of my day, today! YES!

If you read the Think Christmas Post (link at the end of this post),  you will know that this quilt project is just for fun and I do NOT match any seams or intersections -- I am just playing! 

Wanted:   Tiny blue print fabric scraps.
I am looking for scraps smaller than fat quarters of blue TINY prints. They can be fabric strips, as I am cutting them into strips that are 1 1/4 inch wide to make the tiny squares.  I am looking to find a huge variety of blue prints for my mini quilts.  The tiny prints need to be smaller than a pencil eraser --- Tiny flowers or leaves.  They can have a white or cream background. They need to be 100% Cotton.  They can be old or new fabrics.

I will trade fabric with anyone who sends  a few fabric scraps in the blue tiny prints!  I have 20 colors in Quilter's Blenders and I would be glad to share scraps and fat quarters with you.  If you choose to share, please send your little scraps in an envelope addressed to:

Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting
Marcia Wachuta
41826 County Road W
Boscobel,   WI  53805

Please write a slip with your name on it and what kind of color of fabric you like, so I can share back with you.

Any questions leave a comment or email me

There is no time limit as to when you send the blue scraps.  This is an "on going" project and I will be making these mini quilts whenever I play!  Here are some of the fabrics I have.  Not one of them is as large as a fat quarter.  Just scraps!  I love repeats of fabrics, so if you have some of these in scraps that you would like to share -- send them my way!

Thanks in advance for sharing and I will share back!

Take time to play!  Enjoy your day!


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Needled Mom said...

Lovin' the pretty blues!!!

sewyouquilt2 said...

I see some fabric friends in those pics. kind of like Romper room LOL
did all my "friends" have fun at play?
It looks like your fabric pic could very well be mine. I am a blue fabric lover. will see if I can send some your way.

Linda said...

I love Holly Hobby! Great inspiration! I'll see if I have some tiny blue prints to share :)

Paulette said...

Putting some in the mail to you today!