Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Up Close with My Quilting --- Texture Quilting

First I selected all the thread colors.

Texture Quilting was the perfect choice for the quilting.

Tiny Bubble Quilting in the light sections. 

 Wiggle Line Quilting outlining the Tiara Points of the Wedding Rings.

And Meandering ZigZags in the colored sections.

A full view of the Wedding Ring Quilt displayed on a queen size bed.  My customer is going to hang it on the wall.

She selected a great backing fabric for this quilt.  I love the texture of the batik fabric. 

At another angle so you can see the quilting on the back of the quilt.

I opened the curtains to the let the sun shine in on the quilt, so you can see the quilting a little better.

She said the name was Tiara Wedding Ring.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

OMG this is gorgeous! I love the colors in this quilt and the quilting just accents it so beautifully.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

wonderful quilting Marcia!!!

Sandy D said...

Your customer and yourself did a terrific job with this quilt. Love it.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I appreciate the step by step view of your quilting. You used just enough variety to produce a fantastic finish!!

Average Quilter said...

You did an awesome job. It is beautiful.I know the pictures just don't do it justice

nancy b. said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for all the photos and close ups, what great quilting ideas for maybe someday. Enjoying the eye candy for right now!

Carla said...

OH MY. First I love the colors and the quilt. The quilting is awesome.