Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rainbow Transformation Quilt

I started my quilt for the "Indepence Challenge" for Project Quilting for the month of July.

Click here to read the challenge.

How am I inspired by the word "independence"? 

Recently, a friend of mine said I always change quilt patterns when I make them. I guess I do! But I like to add my creative spin to them. 

She was making a quilt that I really liked and I said, I would like to make it too.  She said, "you will just change it" and she laughed. I smiled... I think that was the first time I realized, I really like to switch things around.  I don't think I have ever made a quilt following the pattern exactly.

I have wrote and published several quilt patterns and all of them give you the freedom to make changes.  

For example, The Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern is a pattern, I designed to create a unique quilt every time you make it. It is a step by step way to create "Artsy" quilt blocks in an orderly fashion. It places five fabrics in a balanced position in the quilt block and it looks great every time you make it.

Recently, I designed the Rainbow Quilt Pattern.  This pattern uses six fat quarters to create a fast and easy baby or lap quilt. It efficiently uses the whole fat quarter.

Both of the patterns are available as a PDF Downloadable at Click Here.

Yes I like to make changes.

Yes I like to create unique quilts.

And Yes for the Independence Challenge I am going to use the Rainbow Quilt Pattern and make changes.

I selected eight fabrics - not six fabrics.

I did not have a fat quarter of some of the fabrics. I selected plaids, blenders, and one novelty print.  I used the novelty print as the focus fabric to choose the other fabrics. I cut the pieces following the instructions for the Rainbow Quilt.

I started to lay them out in a scattered pattern, but you know how I am, I will probably come up with another idea tomorrow!

We have a whole month to create a quilted project for the Off Season Project Quilting Challenge. Hop over and check it out.

 Thanks for following along.



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