Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Passage Quilt for the Veterans at Rainbow Hospice

This fall, Candy and I teamed up to make a Passage Quilt for Rainbow Hospice. They requested a Passage Quilt that could be used for their patient's that are Veterans with a red, white, and blue theme.

My Mom and I had made one for Rainbow Hospice several years ago in floral fabrics.  You can click here to see the photos of that Passage Quilt.

Candy purchased the fabric for the red white and blue quilt top and she made it at our quilt retreat in October.

Then I brought it home and added the backing fabric and batting and quilted it.

Candy stitched the binding on the Passage Quilt at the Quilt's by Barb's Retreat this past weekend and delivered it to Rainbow Hospice this week.

A Passage Quilt is used when a patient passes away. They use it to cover the body bag as they take the patient out of of the Hospice Center to the funeral home car. The Passage Quilt is used to give comfort to the family members and others at the Hospice Center. Hopefully the colors of the quilt will comfort those who are suffering the loss.  Before the car leaves the quilt is removed and folded up and used for the next passing. It is my understanding that this is a ceremonial process and is very comforting for everyone involved.

The Passage Quilt is approximately 90" × 72".

As many of you know, we also make lap quilts for the beds at Rainbow Hospice. Candy and I and Debbie and Linda have all teamed up to make lap quilts.  We try to make at least 8 to 10 of them a year.

These are the two lap quilts that we just completed in October. The Lap Quilts are approximately 50" × 60".

We welcome donations of fabric and orphan quilt blocks and financial contributions for our efforts.  The lap quilts are placed on the patient's bed. It cheers up the room and makes it more home like during their stay.  When the Hospice patient passes it is given to the family as a comfort quilt.

Both Candy and I enjoy making the lap quilts for the beds and really enjoyed making their newest red, white, and blue Passage Quilt.  We know we are comforting the patients and their families.

Enjoy your day!

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Michele said...

It really turned out fabulous and I'm sure it will be well loved.