Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pat Sloan's Mystery Quilt Block 1 and 2 in Another Color Plus Squares and My Original Blue Tiny Print Quilt Blocks!

I was telling my friend, Linda, that I am doing Pat Sloan's Mystery Quilt. Pat shares one block a month. Linda told me she made Pat Sloan's 2014 Mystery Quilt and she liked it so much that she made it in two color ways! I told her I am only going to make it in my favorite tiny blue prints... But I loved the first quilt block so much, I wanted to make it again. 

I had these cool blue/purple/greenish print scraps. It wasn't enough for a quilt and it did not match my tiny prints. So I told myself, I am going to just make one more of the first block and use it for a place mat or pillow topper.

I made the quilt block and then Pat shared her hip to be square challenge and I cut the scraps into tiny 1 1/2 inch squares and added a little more fabric and a couple borders and it just kept growing! See the next couple photos...

I love it!  Thanks Pat for the inspiration!

It would make a great pillow top! I love all the colors of the tiny squares!

Pat Sloan shared Quilt Block 2 - Toes in the Sand. I made it in my tiny blue prints and then I made it again in the batik fabrics. 

What am I doing making 2 color ways ? ? ?

I love my tiny blue prints with the splash of blue batiks, but I am loving my bright batik mixtures too!

I had to pull from my stash. I combined prints and batiks and some dye print fabrics.

There were a few pieces of fabric left from quilt block one.

I found a nice assortment of colors in blues and purples and bit of green.

I stitched up the cut aways and made some little pinwheel blocks.

Now I have Quilt Block 1 and 2 and Hip to be Square Block and some extra small quilt blocks.

I pulled all the fabric from my stash.  I am ready for next month's quilt block.  I packed it all into a tote with my instruction sheets from the PDF's from Pat Sloan. 

At this point, I am inspired to make 2 quilt tops in both color ways.

I love the tiny blue prints!

and I love the Toes in the Sand Quilt Block.

I pulled a few tiny blue print fabrics from my blue stash ...

... But I am only going to put this one in a small tote, as I can not put all my blue tiny print fabric in one box.

Yes I am blessed to have a ton of blue fabric - mostly in tiny prints.

I made some pinwheel blocks from the cut aways from the tiny print too.

Thanks Pat Sloan for all of your inspiration!

Click here for the link to my first quilt block and links to Pat Sloan.

I linked up my post on Pat Sloan's Blog --- Click here to see all the quilt blocks!

Enjoy your day!


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Dee D said...

These are both great colorways but I especially like the second one with the purple and green added to the blue! Good job with using your leftovers.