Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sewing with Scraps from the Focus Through the Prism Challenge Quilts

I want to make a Scrappy Quilt using all the Cherrywood Fabrics and the print fabrics from each of the 7 Focus Through the Prism Project Quilting Challenges.

Click here for a post about my first 4 challenge quilts.

I saved all the leftover scraps from each month in a gallon ziplock bag and labeled them. I saved the print fabrics with it as I had more of those fabrics.

It's a perfect sewing project for working on at the River.  I have limited space at our camper, so I try to cut out as much as I can, before the weekend.  That way, I can just sew and sew and sew!

Here's a photo, of my little corner in our camper, where I sew.  I had two helpers this past weekend, our dog, Toby and my grand dogger, Rogue.

I had more scraps left of the blue fabrics as I only used a couple strips in my log cabin quilt. I have lots of prints in the blues too!

I used alot of the red, but I had more print fabric left of that.

First, I made some mini quilt blocks using the scraps as I had pieces already made of some of the blocks. I love them!

Then I started sewing all the scraps into tiny 4 patch blocks.  I used 2 inch squares and smaller ones to form the 4 patches. Whatever size scraps I had, I stitched them together to make 2 inch squares, so I can use it to make more 4 patch blocks.

I shared this photo on instagram of sewing all 4 fabric colors at our camper (at the River). 

Here's some of the green 4 patches.

When I got home I spread out my portable design wall, (an old chenille bedspread on my living room floor).

Then I took out the mini quilt blocks.

I think it needs more black squares.  I want the mini block in my scrappy quilt, but I like the look of this too.

After I picked it all up I came up with a better idea and I drew it out on paper. I LOVE this idea!

And I wrote on the top that it is Like a Rainbow --- Yes !  I already have the name (by accident). I have 3 Cherrywood fabrics left to use for the next 3 challenges. The September Challenge has already been released!  We are to be inspired by the flying geese block. 

I have some ideas in my head. I think I am going to use the yellow and save the purple for the October Challenge and my favorite color blue (Indigo) for the November Challenge as November is my birthday month.

Thanks for following along as I create with fabrics and quilt and quilt and quilt.

Enjoy your day!


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Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make from your scraps. Maybe this should be another Project Quilting challenge for after Focus Through the Prism is over.