Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yes --- It's a BLUE Heart!

In 2007, I created my Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart Pattern.  In 2007 with a group of quilters, we made a quilt for at Breast Cancer Fundraiser.  In 2011, we made another one!  It's a fun and easy to make paper pieced heart pattern.

You can find it in my Online Pattern Store.  Links are in my sidebar. It is a FREE PDF Pattern.

Tonight I made a BLUE Heart!

You know I love blues....

I love it! 

I will probably add borders and make a table topper for the center of my dining room table.

I selected some of my favorite blues.

My PDF Pattern includes the paper pattern for printed to sew on and several photos of the Crazee Patch Heart in a quilt and as mini quilts and other ideas. It does not include instructions for paper piecing. You can find tons of "How To Paper Piece Tutorials" online.

Hop over and download my Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart for FREE! 

Want to see the Heart in "Pinks" and in a quilt? Click Here

Enjoy your day!


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