Saturday, January 13, 2018

Project Quilting - Hometown Pride!

I am brainstorming my ideas for Project Quilting Season 9 in a notebook this year. The quilt challenge number 1 is hometown pride. I want to keep all my quilt challenge ideas in one place this year. Plus, I can grab my notebook and take it with me. 

Project Quilting Season 9 Quilt Challenge information Persimon Dreams --- Kim Lapacek's Project Quilting 

First, I stated the challenge and my personal challenge.

This season, I am making personal challenges for me, For example to use my personal stash of fabric or a certain color.

PQ Challenge:  Hometown pride
My Personal Challenge:  Use Reds and Pinks - Cherrywood Fabrics.

Next, I listed some ideas - rapid fire listing. whatever came to my mind.

Then I listed all the places I lived in my life. I have lived in 11 places between Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa. I moved 22 times!
The longest place I have ever lived, is where I live right now, Boscobel, Wisconsin.  We have lived here for 15 years and hopefully 20 to 30 more years - if I live to 80 or 90!

The sketches and scribbles were next....

 Fabric choices:  A tiny print of grey on cream, with Cherrywood reds and a grey hand dyed fabric from Quilts by Barb.

Here's what I did.......

It's ready to quilt!

Double Batting:  80/20 on the bottom and washable wool on top.

"Eleven Hearts for Eleven Hometowns"

I am linking up over at Persimon Dreams for the Project Quilting Challenge.

I am a prize sponsor of Project Quilting for the 8th year in a row, as I started sponsoring in Season 2 of Project Quilting.

Prizes for the 1st Challenge of Project Quilting
Grand Prize for Project Quilting

If you would like to see some of my past Project Quilting Projects Click Here. Note it will start with this post, so just keep scrolling to the next post.

Here is a link to the first quilt challenge I took with Project Quilting! 

Enjoy your day!



works4me said...

Thank you so much for going into such detail about your process. 11 hearts for 11 places you have lived - perfect. Beautiful quilt.

And thank you for being a sponsor.

Carla said...

I loved reading about your creative process. Very pretty quilt and your quilting is over the top!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your idea to celebrate all your hometowns with hearts! The fun applique and quilting make your hearts really pop!

QuiltE said...

What a unique representation showing that you are Hometown Proud ... of all eleven!
Thank you too, for sharing your notes, as to how your ideas developed. Great Job!

PersimonDreams said...

incredible! THe quilting is jaw dropping-ly beautiful too!

Sharon said...

Your challenge to use other colors is great! Love your brainstorming process... Very similar to mine. I love your way of honoring all the places you've lived. Beautiful!