Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting Up Close with Wiggle Line Quilting

Wiggle Line Quilting is using wiggle lines instead of straight lines. 
They give the quilt the look of straight lines, but it softens the appearance. 
On the first quilt the wiggle lines start at one side of the quilt 
and travel across to the other side of the quilt.  

Look how the middle quilt stands out between the swirl quilted quilt 
and ribbon quilted quilt.

If you want a unique look, try the wiggle lines.

Here the wiggle lines are just stitched in the borders.

The next quilt shows the wiggle lines in sections of the quilt. 

The wiggle lines in this table runner are just on the end border strips of the table runner.

This is the back side of the table runner.

The wiggle lines are in a tiny inch border.

On this quilt the wiggle lines soften and enhance the striped fabric border.

In a future post I will show wiggle lines in special sections and blocks of quilts.
If you would like to see them now, go to the Photo Gallery.

Wiggle Line Quilting really changes the look of a quilt!

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Hope you are having a great Monday!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I use the stretched serpentine stitch on my home machine for this - just love it for added texture.

Unknown said...

Oh I like this. I have done wiggly lines before but not in an all over quilt. Gotta try this.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I have just discovered that type of stitch on my machine when I did the May for Me quilt. It looks really neat all in rows like that. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I DID IT, just finished a quilt doing the wiggly line all over quilt. Turned out great, I will be posting pics on my blog later today. Thanks for sharing this