Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts - I See Quilts Everywhere...

I always watch the first few minutes of The View just to see what they are wearing.  I found all of these photos on Google Images.

One day I was so excited about the colors they were wearing, I called my Mom and had her turn on her TV and see the wonderful colors.  If I remember correctly... it was blacks and browns and a warm orange red, with a little hint of yellow. What a wonderful quilt it would have made! I do see quilts everywhere...

Look at all the color combinations.

Love the colors.  Look how they blend from warm colors on the left to cool colors on the right.
 This one is great too!
How about all black with textures at the necklines?
Love this one too.

So do you see quilts everywhere?  If you do please leave a comment and tell me, so I don't feel like I am the only one.

This is one of my favorite TV shows.  This episode was great. They got into a mud fight before their family photo.  I could do a quilt with all whites with splashes of brown.
This would make an interesting quilt color mixture too!
Another favorite show.  How about a hodgepodge color combo quilt?

I do see quilts everywhere.... Do you?



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Too funny. I don't watch a lot of TV - but find quilt patterns in tiles, flooring, rugs, buildings, sidewalks, etc...

Linda said...

Wow, umm, I don't see quilts everywhere. It must be my newbie eyes. lol However, this is a great way to find color inspiration. Fabric/color is my greatest challenge that I hope to master someday. As always you inspire me!

Unknown said...

You are not alone, I see quilts and patterns everywhere, including our new patio/fire pit my husband designed a pattern in stone and rocks and looking above from our deck I saw a great quilt pattern.

Belinda said...

You are true ar-teest seeing quilts every where. I'm sure the great masters did the same thing. :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

Oh, how I wish that I did see them everywhere like that!! I am a bit too much left brained for that. It frustrates me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I usually just see patterns and shapes....the colors have always been difficult for me. By the way, I was cleaning out my spam folder and one of your messages was there from a while back. :( But here is my flickr link that you asked for!
Jacque in SC