Friday, July 29, 2011

FAQ's - Friday's Frequently Asked Questions about Backing Fabrics

One of the most frequently asked questions is:
Do you have backing fabric?  YES I carry 30 Extra Wide Fabrics in stock on my website

Along with that question, goes this one:  
Can I buy backing fabric from you if I am not having you quilt my quilt?  Yes!  Click on Extra Wide Fabrics and purchase it right now.  I ship out the fabric in less than 24 hours - priority mail in the US only. Contact me by email for shipping internationally.
A new question:
How wide is Extra Wide Fabric?  Some of the fabrics are 108" wide and some are 120" wide.  Each fabric is listed on the website with it's size.
You can order a sample pack of 30 - 5 inch squares of the Extra Wide Fabrics.  There is a link in the sidebar ---> 

What size should my quilt backing fabric measure if you are quilting my quilt?  It should be 6 inches bigger on all 4 sides.  That's 12 inches longer and 12 inches wider.

What if my backing fabric is too small? Click here to see how to add on strips to make it larger - Short Backing Fabric
Can you use backing fabric to make a quilt top or another sewing project?  Yes --- Here is a post about Extra Wide Fabrics - Not Just a Backing Fabric! I used two backing fabrics to make this quilted tote bag - the two black and white fabrics.

Thanks for all the questions.  Keep emailing your questions to or leave your question in the comments.

Yesterday's post was about My First Quilt --- I made it in 1981. I took a trip down memory lane when I wrote that post...



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