Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - I Want To Do Every Quilt And Sewing Project I See!

We have all heard it before there is not enough time in the day to do everything we want to do!  I have to admit that I try to do everything!  I should make a list like some people suggest.  Some write little slips of papers with their ideas and put them in a jar.  I see the projects and get all excited about them and then I keep it all in my head!  Yikes!  My brain is so full of all those creations and they want out!  

Recently, as you know, I have been sorting thru' old sewing and quilting photos from my past.  I share some on this blog and the majority of them on my second blog.  The best part about doing this is realizing I have done an enormous variety of projects.  Some of my ideas did see the light of day and got out of my brain! But there are more!  How will I do them all?  

In April, Tonya and I set aside time in May (May for Me), to do the projects we wanted to do.  But when May got here, we both had family things that required us put those projects on hold.  That's OK, because now we know we can set aside time for us. We learned that it is OK to take time to play, even if it is only "Minutes for Me".  That means take time to play, even if it is only 5 minutes or 20 minutes.  

So my final thoughts for today:  "I can't play all the time, but I will be content and enjoy the time that I can play."

Here's a look at some of the projects I have done, when I played:

Velvet Crazee Patch Button Pillows
Sewing with my Mom!

Weaving Baskets with My Mom 


When I am Not Sewing I am Weaving
Thread Painting --- Molly, My Garden Angel

and more...

Project Quilting - Spiral Spinning Flowers

Project Quilting --- Zentangle Quilting - Wachuta Doodles.

Denim Shirt Raggy Quilt -2003
Post here and Post on second blog.

Mini Comfort Quilts

Raggy Sweatshirts and a Christmas Raggy Sweatshirt
Embroidery Stitched Cards
My Paper Pieced Heart Pattern which I designed in 2004 for our Breast Cancer Fundraiser Quilt is now being used for Tonya's Paper Pieced Learn A Long!

This Post will be continued later... It has been interrupted by life...



Sharon Pernes said...

Wow, you are so talented and have been busy. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I love to see the projects with you and your mom. Very special. {[HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

That's so nice, to see you sharing time and talents with your mom, and enjoying her company (and she is enjoying yours). I don't have that blessing. That's very special; thanks for sharing all your variety of projects!
Jacque in SC