Friday, July 1, 2011

FAQ's - Friday's Frequently Asked Questions

A Question from Monday's Post:  I love the wiggle line quilting! Do you set your machine on a serpentine stitch or do you just do it free-motion?    I manually move the machine to create unique and free style designs. I quilt professionally on a long arm quilting machine - A Gammill regulated stitch quilting machine. Some long arm quilters call it free motion. I use no patterns or set stitches. It is all free style moving the machine and stitching. See my webpage for more info and the link to the photo gallery in the sidebar.
The wiggle line stitching can be done on a regular sewing machine too, with a walking foot or using a darning foot with your feed dogs down.

Are all the quilts on your blog yours?  Some of the quilts are mine. I share the photos of quilts made by my customers and myself to inspire others to try new styles of quilting either on your regular machine or a quilting machine.  
I also share the photos to help my customers choose the style of quilting they would like to have quilted on their quilt.  
With free style quilting the possibilities are endless!
This photo is my quilt and it shows wiggle line quilting in special areas with ribbons connecting the leaves and swirls. If you want to see more of my quilts - Click on the link in the side bar that says My Personal Quilt Blog.  I just started it and I add to it whenever I find new pictures.

Question from Tuesday's Post:  What do you mean when you say you used the quilt pattern to make the table runners?  I used the construction method from the Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern to make the blocks.  I squared them up and sewed 5 blocks together in a row and added borders for each table runner. 
How old are you?  I am 53 years young! But I feel like I am 43 most of the time, with the exception of later in the day when I get tired, then I feel more like 53!  I am very blessed to have an extra amount of creative energy that just keeps me going all day long! Want to know more about me and what I do?  The Thursday's Thoughts posts will help you to get to know me better also. 

Family, children, and husband?  Yes, Yes, and Yes. I am a mother of 2 adult children (29 and 27). Julie lives in Amsterdam and BJ lives in Prairie du chein, Wisconsin.  Ritch and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary this September. 
I don't like this photo of me, but I think it is great of the rest of them!  Especially Ritch, because he is really smiling!  My family makes me smile!

Where did you go to school?  Starting with High School - Fort Atkinson, WI and Waupun, WI.  We moved while I was in High School.  This year it is my 35th Class reunion.  I am attending both school's celebrations. After high school I attended UW-Stevens Point where I earned a teaching degree in Home Economics.  I was a Family and Consumer Education Teacher at Fort Atkinson Middle School, before moving to Boscobel in 2002.  I started my quilting business in 2003. I took a few classes in Janesville to learn how to use my quilting machine and then I just kept quilting!  I started with sheets and just kept practicing!  In the first few months, I quilted quits for friends and family to really get the hang of it!
Do I ever rest?  (a recent question on Facebook)  Quilting and sewing is resting for me.  It is very relaxing to be sewing, quilting, and creating.  Sometimes I get frustrated when I have to stop to make dinner or go to the bathroom, as I don't want to stop!  YES, I love to quilt!
How do I reserve a date to get a quilt quilted?  Email or call to ask for the first open date or tell me when you will finish the quilt top and we will book a date for it then.  I quilt full time 5 days a week.  
Email:  608-872-2374  M-F 8am to 7pm CST
You can read all the posts labeled FAQ at this link: All FAQ's  It will start with this post, so just scroll down after you click on it.
Thanks for asking the questions...that's what blogging is all about ... learning and sharing with everyone.

Enjoy your weekend!



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