Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts --- The End of the Summer...

This was my second summer of "my container garden adventure".  I thought of my little container garden as my outside quilt.  I felt sad as I took photos of the plants, moved them to a warmer spot for the night, and covered them with sheets.  We are going to have some good old Wisconsin FROST tonight and tomorrow night!  

The cold nights in Wisconsin have already been hard on my tomatoes. I still get several tomatoes each day.  Last night I picked them as the sun was setting and I picked some green ones.  Oh well!

There are still some sweet peppers  that are almost ready to harvest!  It is suppose to be warm later in the week!  My chives have flowered out!

 Even my Morning Glories look cold!

It has been another good year of gardening.  I was very pleased with my herbs. I really enjoyed watching my daughter cook with them, when she was home in August.  Remember, I really don't cook!  Sometimes quick and easy things, but I really don't cook.

There are even a few onions left...

So all in all, it was a good "gardening adventure". 
Will I do it again?  
Sure, but of course, I will make some changes 
and it will be even better the third year. 

So am I sad that my garden adventure and the summer is over?  
I would have to say, 
" Yes, I am sad, but I am glad, I did it!"  

Have you heard that before:  
"Don't be sad when something ends... 
be glad you did it!"

I try to think of that often, as it really helps when you are missing someone or something...

Thursday morning pictures after a night of FROST! 
I haven't heard if it really froze last night, as it was 37F at 4am.  It was 40F when I took the pictures at 7am.  So maybe up here on the hill... we missed the frost!

I didn't cover the Morning Glories and look how beautiful they look this morning!  They still look cold.

Remember not to be sad, but to be glad you did it!

Enjoy your gardens.
Enjoy your family.
Enjoy your friends.
and Enjoy the Blooms!

and as I always say....

Enjoy your day!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

We covered a few things last night, too. The frost didn't hit, but it has turned much colder. The leaves will be turning fast now.

liZ said...

I love the photos of your plants all wrapped up to stay warm. Here in the Utah desert we still have some growing season left. Your tomatoes look great. You should definatly garden again.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Cold means cuddly quilt weather at least! And apples and pumpkins. I told Seth he has got to harvest his herbs this weekend!

Your garden is beautiful. We have one cherry tomato plant, one mini rose plant and all the rest are herbs herbs herbs. Next year will be our third year too so we will make it a bit larger.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Marcia, what a delightful garden! I love quilts and I love gardens, but I've never done either on my own. :) One of these years, I hope.

And oh to have frost in September! I'm in Southeast Texas. Still hot as blazes. Fingers crossed for cooler weather soon.

Anonymous said...

Not ready for frost or freeze here. I love, love your corner container spot. That silver container of verbena is lovely as well.