Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Blogger Tomorrow (Friday) at Sew We Quilt

They are having a Block Party!
I will be one of their Guest Bloggers on Friday.
I was so pleased when Samm asked me to share!
I love to share!
I shared the Denim Block. This is a free form block and is perfect for constructing when "Up Cycling" clothes into quilts.  It could also be used when making a quilt with other reclaimed fabrics.  I think it is a perfect block for making a memory quilt from a loved one's clothing. 
The Denim Block is fun and easy to make.

Hop over to Sew We Quilt Blog and check out my post and the Block Party!
If you just came from there to here, I would like to invite you to leave a comment, stay awhile, and check out my blog.  
Enjoy your day!

Reminders and Updates:

Don't forget to share your "Minutes for Me" Post today and through the weekend at my Linky Party. Everybody can share!

I will share my completed "Think Outside the BLOCK Quilt" and my Imaginary Blooms Quilt later this weekend. I am taking them both to Quilts by Barb's Quilt Retreat. The Imaginary Blooms Quilt was created for a dyed fabric challenge that Barb hosts every year and the other was from a Mystery quilt from 2 or 3 years ago.

Stay tuned for my BIG Birthday Giveaway - Next week. This is one of my favorite photos from 25 years ago!  I was 29 years old.  I will be 54 years old this month. I share a birthday with my son and my daughter's birthday is 2 days later. I gave birth to both of them on Thanksgiving day - 2 years apart! Tell you more about this next week...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh - can't wait to see you post on Sew We Quilt! And how interesting about your childrens B'day's and Happy Birthday to you, too.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Oh, it's your big day! I will be watching...cuz I am catching up tonight so will look first thing in AM.

Hope you have a good birthday planned!

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Hi Marcia. What a great blog you have ..... I'm gonna be on here for hours!!!!

Sheila said...

I really enjoyed your post on Sew We Quilt and I am now a new follower as I love to make new from old.Look forward to visiting often.

Gmama Jane said...

I like that you recylcel old clothes. That was the original idea behind quilting anyway, wasn't it??? I have lots of denim and your quilt is a good idea.
Gmama Jane
I'm a new follower!!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Hi there. Your quilt is cool made from olden clothes. I really like it.
My servant is teaching herself to quilt. She will print out your tutorial so she can make this one.

Happy Friday

Rosa said...

Love your quilt and enjoyed your post on Sew we quilt.

Anita said...

Wow, how funny! I also share a birthday with my son, the day before Thanksgiving but sometimes we land on's the 26th! Curious as to what yours is. I meet so many Nov 26th birthdays I figured out it is exactly 40 weeks from Feb 14 :) Happy early birthday!