Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reconstruction of My Mystery Quilt - Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday

I like it and I am very pleased...
After sewing all the blocks for my mystery quilt, they were all different sizes.  They measured 12", 12 1/4", and 12 1/2".  I weighed my options and decided to reconstruct the blocks into a new design. I tried different layouts on my guest bed.

So here's what I did:

  • Squared up the blocks into two sizes, 12" and 12 1/2". That gave me two rows of 12" and two rows of 12 1/2". 
  • I cut several lattice strips 2" wide. 
  • Stitched a lattice strip on the bottom of every block. Pressed it.
  • Stitched a lattice strip on the left side of every block.  Pressed it.
  • Sewed the rows together. Two rows are longer.
  • Placed the rows off set, so it formed nice connections at the centers.

 Here's the bottom of the quilt.

  • Trim the top and the bottom with a rotary cutter.

  • Trim the little seam allowances from the edge where you cut.

  •  Add borders (2" strips) to the top, bottom, and right side of the quilt top.

  • Add another border (3" strips) to all four sides.

I just laid the 3" strips on the edges, so you could see how it would look, so I could get photos before I ran out of daylight.  
I do like the new design of my reconstruction quilt!
Click here to read the story (post) about what happened to my quilt blocks and why they didn't fit together to create the original pattern design.
So Project Number 12 is ready to quilt!  Yippee!
I am thinking of using the leftover scraps and combining it with some black and white fabric for the backing of the quilt.  I've got an idea and if it works I will share. Several of my customers piece the leftover scraps and blocks into their backing and create some really cool backs.  I carry over 30 Extra Wide fabrics on the bolt in stock in my shop, but I've got some cool scraps leftover. 

I'll dream about it tonight and see what I think in the morning!
Sweet Dreams...


Karen said...

I am really enjoying following your problem solving process. It is hard to decide what to do with different sized blocks and I find it very interesting to watch what you are doing. Thank you for the inspiration.

beaquilter said...

very neat idea...

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great job, and now, no orphan blocks, but a pretty quilt top. I hope you use the 'extras' in the backing.

Miss Hillbilly said...

It looks awesome! I would probably be lazy and just use the extra wide. So much easier, but the pieced backings do look nice.

Carla said...

Very clever. I'm impressed with your creativity, and your courage to cut into those blocks!
Please post a photo when the quilting is finished.

Unknown said...

I love it...would love to have the pattern or its name