Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double Surprises! Versatile Blogger Award - Twice!

What a wonderful double surprise!  

Thanks to Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting for recognizing me with the Versatile Blogger Award last night!

Thanks to Bea at Beaquilter for recognizing me with the Versatile Blogger Award today!

So a double thanks goes out to both of you!

What a delightful award! I appreciate Bea and Snoodles for passing the honor along to me. 

Here are the rules that I saw on Snoodle's and Bea's blogs:
1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

What's the Versatile Blogger Award?  Click here.

7 Random Things about me!

Number ONE: I love to Laugh! Sometimes I laugh so hard I can't stop. One of the first gifts my husband gave me when we were dating was a necklace that said Live Love Laugh! We will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this summer.

Number TWO: Every morning, I eat oatmeal with nuts and fruit. I make my lunches look like at quilt - Quilter's Salads – thus started my Lunch Looks Like a Quilt Blog.

Number THREE: I am a visual person. I need to see it in photos, so I share LOTS of Photos!

Number FOUR: This will be my third year of trying a vegetable container gardening. I say trying, as some things grow and somethings don't! I am learning a lot! I thought it would give me something to do other than quilting, but I see quilt ideas in the garden, so it doesn't take my mind off of quilting!

Number FIVE: When I am making a quilt sometimes I don't want it to end... I love the process of making a quilt. I have been known to cut out way too many pieces and strips and I usually end up with several extra blocks not just one extra block! Sometimes even enough to make another quilt.

Number SIX: I have 12 sewing machines.
4 Janome sewing machines #6500, #4000, and #3000 and a Gem. I sew on my #6500 all the time. #4000 when I go to Saturday Sewing, and the #3000 is for sewing at the camper. I don't use the Gem anymore. It one of the first mechanical ones that came out and it never worked very well.
I have a black Singer Featherweight that I learned to sew on it. It was my Mom's sewing machine and she gave it to me. It runs very well.
I have a white Singer Sewing Machine was given to me by a friend, because I love to sew.
I have an old sewing machine in a table that was also given to me by another friend.
Two battery operated sewing machines. One my daughter bought in the Netherlands.
Three antiques treadle machines – from three Grandmas.

Number SEVEN: I actively started blogging one year ago in January. When I started I wasn't liking it. It was hard for me to do. I couldn't get the spacing right between the words and the photos. I typed too slow and left out words in sentences! Now after a year, I can't believe that it is simple and easy and I LOVE it! I still don't get some things and I get confused, but I remind myself that I am still learning. For example the linky parties were very confusing to me and now I love them. I write three blogs! This blog, Lunch looks Like a Quilt to Me and A Collection of Sewing Quilting from the past 41years.

But the most important thing that I have learned from blogging – There are Quilters out there who love quilting as much as me! Who think about it all the time and can't stop thinking about it! Who write about it and share. I love all the wonderful quilting and crafting friends I have made in blogland!

These are the 15 bloggers that I would like to award the Versatile Award to:

#1 Seam Rippers - Belinda shares quilting and sewing projects.

#2 Casa Boose in Stitches - Linda shares about quilting and sewing projects.

#3 Dye Candy - Chris shares her dyed fabrics and quilting projects.

#4 Quilting by the River - Connie shares about quilting project and tutorials.

#5 Richard Quilts - Richard is new to quilting and blogging!

#6 Becca Cooks - Becca is Richard's daughter and she is just getting started with sharing recipes.

#7 The Thrifty Groove - Diann shares some incredible thrifty finds.

#8 Where Creativity Blooms - Kim shares quilting and crafting. She developed and hosts Project Quilting.

#9 Yuki and Rocket - It's a dog blog with wonderful photos and even some doggie recipes! Because I share photos of my dogs with quilts on wordless Wednesday I have met some dog bloggers.

#10 Quilting in My Pyjamas - Shay is from Australia and hosts "Favourite Fridays"

#11 Life Imitates Doodles - Molossus shares Zentangle doodles and drawings and just about anything and everything you need to know about Zentangle.  I met her thru' Twitter.

#12 A Quilter's Table - Debbie shares about quilting and recipes.

#13 Button Floozies - I love buttons and they share all sorts of buttons - new and vintage and cool button ideas.

#14 Craizee Corners - Sharon shares about quilting and I met her thru' Twitter.

#15 Quilting by Jeannie - Jeannie is from Wisconsin and is a long arm quilter too!

This was really hard to do. I wanted to list all the blogs I follow!  Some of the blogs I follow have just received the award today too, so I couldn't list them.. . Or could I have awarded the award to them again?  I got it twice! Hop over and check them out!

Thanks again Snoodles and Bea for such a wonderful and fun award!
Enjoy your day!


Richard Healey said...

I am a visual person too I was scanning though your post (looking for pretty pictures) and what did I see my name. I guess I should go read my emails I am all behind (and behind on reading blogs) too much sewing tonight and not enough reading I guess.
Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Happy double surprise. You deserve it!

yuki and rocket said...

Thanks so much for thinking of us! We love awards. I think it's great that there are people like you that still quilt. My husbands family is from the south and are big quilt people. They're always talking about how very few people quilt anymore, and sadly the art form is not being taken on by many. You're preserving a tradition. Sadly technology as great as it is, is also discouraging things being handmade.

Diann said...

Oh thank you Marcia! this is so kind of you!

Shay said...

I'm very flattered you thought of me Marcia. Thank you!

Debbie said...

whoa! I've been out of town, so am just seeing this - thanks for the affirmation - thanks, Marcia!

Belinda said...

It occurred to me that I never thanked you here for my award. Thank you ever so much Marcia! And congratulations on your own award!

Linda said...

Thanks so Much Marcia!