Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday --- Free Rainbow Quilt Pattern

The Rainbow Quilt Pattern is now available as a PDF Downloadable Pattern for only $3.00 at Craftsy.com Click Here.

It's another Free Quilt Pattern for you!

Made from Six Fat Quarters.

Finished size is 39.5 X 46"

Great size for a baby quilt or a small lap quilt. You could add a border and make it larger.

Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, and Red

Press/Iron the Fat Quarters.

Layer all 6 Fat Quarters, if you have a large rotary cutter that will cut through all 6 layers.  If not, layer 2 fat quarters and cut 2 at a time, together.

Rotary trim the edges.  Do not trim away too much fabric.

Lay your fat quarters with the bottom edge --- 18" and with the length --- 21".

Rotary cut two strips --- 7" X 21"
and cut the strip on the far left --- 3 3/4" X 21"

Rotary trim the ends.

Cross cut the 7" X 21" strips into six 7" X 7" Squares.  This gives you six squares of each color.

Your last strip is 3 3/4" X 21" strip.  Cut that strip into five 3 3/4" X 3 3/4" Squares.

You have cut thirty-six 7" X 7" squares and thirty 3 3/4" X 3 3/4" squares from 6 fat quarters.

I took a photo with my new flower appetizer plate. I love all the colorful squares.

Let yourself be inspired by things around you.  I may free style quilt flowers on my quilt!

Next, randomly sew the 3 3/4" X 3 3/4" into 4 patches. They should measure 7" X 7" when completed. 

You will have two leftover squares after you make seven 4 patch blocks.

I prefer to layout my squares somewhat randomly and with a little order to the placement of the colors.  I placed one of each color in each row and added the 4 patch blocks randomly too.

After you lay out the squares, you will have one 7" X 7" square and two 3 3/4 squares leftover.

I put mine together in my camping sewing room.  That is why I say you need to have a little order, to the construction, especially if you have a limited working area. I put one of each color randomly in each row with one 4 patch.  There will be six rows of 7 squares.  In one of the rows I added another 4 patch (you have 7 four patches) or you could add the leftover solid square instead.  Whatever looks "eye pleasing" to you.

It is OK to have the colors close to each other. It is OK to have the 4 patch color with the orange, next to the orange 7 inch square.  Same with the blue next to the blue.

Mine are scattered randomly and it looks great! Yes that is just my opinion!

Do you want yours in order?  You can lay it out like this.

One color in every row and forming a pattern at an angle across the quilt.

Either way it looks great!

Grab your fat quarters and stitch one up right now!  If you are one of the winners of the fat quarters, you are going to have to wait til the first week in June, when I mail out all the May for Me Prizes.  

If you did not win and would like to make the quilt top pattern using six fat quarters, you can order it today at the special pricing.

Rainbow/Color Wheel Fat Quarter Set : $9.50
Six Fat Quarters in this Set. Quilter's Blenders Fabric - 100% Cotton.

Red, Blue, and Yellow --- Primary Colors and Orange, Purple, and Green --- Secondary Colors

Do you want other colors of the fat quarters? Choose from the quilter's blenders in stock. List the colors you would like as you check out -- message to the seller -- or send me an email with the list of your color choices after you place the order. Marcia@craftysewing.com

Shipping is Only $4.50 on this item for US shipping.
International orders --- Send me an email for an estimate on the shipping.

If you would like to order a set of the Rainbow Fat Quarters at the special pricing, you can email me. 
Update:  Thanks for all the orders!  I have run out of Yellow!  You can choose a substitute color from the blenders! Or even choose 6 different colors! 
I will be sharing a post on "Sunday Scraps" using the 7" square and the two 3 3/4" squares. I love to use all my scraps!

Enjoy your evening!



Betsy said...

It looks good Marcia. You have been busy.

VickiT said...

I really like the smaller squares mixed in this quilt the way you have Marcia.

I LOVE the fabrics you use. They are such bright colors and so cheerful. I need to get more soon. I love how they retain their colors too. I was afraid when I washed the purple I bought from you that it might lose color when washing but it didn't lose any of the color at all. Came out just as perfect as it went into the washer. So often purple fabrics will run or lose some of their color but not yours.

The Slow Quilter said...

I have two charm packs that I won from you last year and I love what you did with the quilt and plan to try it with my charm packs.

Karen said...

I really like this rainbow quilt. Thank you for sharing the pattern.