Friday, October 11, 2013

Take a Look Back --- A Signature Quilt for Kathy

This is another post in a series of posts titled: "Take a Look Back".  

I am sharing photos of quilted projects from over the past 10 years that I have not shared before, as a part of the celebration of 10 years in the long arm quilting business. I plan to quilt another 10 more years at least!


Several years ago, I made a Signature Quilt for Kathy. Kathy was battling cancer for the second time.

Joanne and Kathy and Marcia
I sent the individual blocks to Kathy's daughter and husband. They gathered signatures and messages. 

They returned them and I assembled the quilt, quilted it, and did the binding on the quilt. 

We surprised Kathy with her Signature "COMFORT" Quilt!

Here are several photos of Kathy's Signature Comfort Quilt.

This was the email Kathy sent to friends and family...

This gorgeous quilt was given to me this evening by Marcia and Joanne. I will treasure each and every one of the comforting messages on each square of the quilt!! When I need some warmth or just a comforting word or two, I will crawl under my "comfort quilt" signed by my wonderful family and friends and I will feel safe and loved.
I love you all,

I also made a Quilted Tote Bag for Kathy. 

She carries her Signature Comfort Quilt in the bag, when she goes to her Chemo Treatments. She can also pack it with magazines and stuff to keep her busy while she has her Chemo Treatments. 

I free style quilted it with the Humanity Words as part of the quilting. Some of the words: Hope, Joy, Honesty, Loyalty, and including the words Best Friends! Names could be quilted on the bag too! That would make it more personal.

This post really makes me smile, when I think of the joy that the Signature quilt brought Kathy.  It gave her strength and comfort from all her loved ones. She is still battling cancer.

Taking a look back!



Tami C said...

You did an absolutely beautiful job on this Signature quilt for Kathy. All of the loving message are sure to give her comfort while undergoing her treatments. The Tote Bag you made for her is lovely as well. Sending out prayers to Kathy as well.

nancy b. said...

This is one of the most beautiful signature quilts I've seen, and the tote bag is a wonderful idea. I'm sure it comes in handy for just the uses you mentioned...will keep this idea in mind for future quilt gifts.

sewyouquilt2 said...

great quilt. I am sure that it gives her much comfort.