Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Gramma?

A conversation with a Gramma and her 7 year old Granddaughter went a little like this:

"Gramma why do you have to take your quilts to get quilted?"

"Because I can't quilt them on my sewing machine.  I take them to Marcia and she quilts them on a very big sewing machine.  She rolls the fabric on rollers and puts the batting in between and quilts my quilts with all sorts of cool designs."

"How big is the sewing machine?... what are rollers? Why can't you do it Gramma?"

Thankful and her granddaughter Eve were making their first quilt together. Eve had sorted through Gramma's scraps and chose a variety of reds, pinks and fun fabrics.  She had decided she wanted a big quilted heart to hang on her wall in her bedroom. 

Thankful decided they would bring her quilt to me to get it quilted.  She called and asked if they could watch me quilt it.  She wanted Eve to know how it all worked. 

When they arrived Eve picked out the thread. She chose Fushia Pink.  She looked at all the samples of my quilting and decided she wanted loops and hearts with a couple different kinds of hearts.  Eve loved the hearts with the swirls in them.

I quilted her name and the year in a light square. I stitched over it a second time to make it a bit bolder.

While I quilted, Eve sat on a chair next to me and I explained as I quilted.

First I stitch around the edges to hold the quilt top in place. On a small quilt you can stitch all the sides first, but on a large quilt, I would only do a section at a time. Then quilt and roll to the next section before stitching the edges.

I also stitched "Gramma and Eve".

More hearts! More loops!

Rows of hearts and rows of loops.  

Now Eve knows why her Gramma brings her quilts to me to get them quilted. It was a fun afternoon with a Gramma and a Granddaughter quilting quilts together. Making memories that last a lifetime.

I will share Thankful's Celebration Quilt tomorrow.

Want a sneak peak?



Vroomans' Quilts said...

How really sweet and special to share this experience.

Needled Mom said...

How fun for her to enjoy the experience the "big" machine!

Michele said...

That is just one of the benefits of being a quilter, sharing and passing the love onto the next generation.

Carla said...

How awesome to share your talent and experience with Eve.