Monday, February 27, 2017

I Titled My Quilt "A Growing Neighborhood"

I created this quilt for the Urban Bright Challenge With Frond Design Studios and The Bad Ass Quilter's Society

I found my inspiration from Kim Lapacek's Dresden Neighborhood Pattern.

I took several photos in the house with natural lighting and a couple outside. 

This one was taken outside in the snow. You can hardly see the quilting.

Here's the inside photo. You can really see the quilting in this photo.

I started with this bundle of Frond Design Studio Fabric......

....and an idea to create a LARGE neighborhood based on the pattern created by Kim Lapacek's Dresden Neighborhood.

This is a series of photos that shares all the design changes I made. This is not a tutorial or instructions, as it is just to show you how I created my growing neighborhood.

Yes - I started with a Dresden Block... 

My first thought was to go with navy background fabric, but it looked too dull.

....but I quickly changed my mind as it did not seem large enough and I realized the neighborhood need to expand and grow!

I really like the black fabric better than the navy for the background.

I added lite heat and bond to the edges of the plates (houses). 

Pressed them all in place. This was not easy as I had so many over lapping.

I added a border.

I created the backing using all the leftover fabric pieces and the license plate section.

Placed it off center.

After a pre quilt press it was ready to quilt.

I had a lot of fun with the quilting!

I added my name to the corner.

I added black binding.

Here's a couple photo of the backside of the quilt.

And a couple more at an angle of the front. You can see all the textures here.

It was a great quilt challenge!  I am glad I took the challenge.

I will be linking up over at the Bad Ass Quilter's Society the first week in March.

I titled my quilt "A Growing Neighborhood"

It measures 55" X 48".

Enjoy your day!



Brenna said...

Love your quilt! I had a great time working with these fabrics - I'm so inspired by what everyone did with them.

Sharon said...

WOW!~~ I LOVE it! And your theme and title is SO appropriate! I am AMAZED at all your different quilting in this! It's GORGEOUS! GREAT JOB!

Unknown said...

This is just gorgeous and I lov ed the improv styling.