Friday, March 3, 2017

Project Quilting Challenge Number 5 - Well Dressed Man

My idea of a "Well Dressed Man" is a Leather Jacket, Black Jeans and a Harley Shirt! 
Of course that's my husband.
I named it "Born to Quilt". My husband was born to ride and I was definitely born to quilt.

I selected black denim for the appliqued motorcycle and black, grey, and white fabrics to create a texture background and of course skull fabric for the border.  The binding had to black!

I used my "Textures Quilt Pattern" to create the background for my quilt. You can find it in My Craftsy Store. It is a 

This is the way I create my background fabric. You just follow the steps and you can make it too! This construction method teaches you a simple orderly way to create texture. Learn how to create textures with your fabric for a quilt top or a texture background for a wall hanging. You will love it!

Textures Quilt Pattern

I cut my strips and pieces a little smaller to make the texture pieces smaller in scale for my wall hanging.

I did a Google search for line drawings of motorcycles. I found several free coloring pages of all kinds of motorcycles!
 I roughly traced around it using lite heat and bond, so I could make a raw edge applique' piece from the black denim.

I cut away some of the paper before adhering it to the denim.

Pressed it on.

A good start on my texture background. If you have read my posts before you know I create my challenge quilts in 15 minute intervals. I take a break from my work (longarm quilting) and work a little on my challenge quilt.  Most evenings I sew for at least an hour, up to 3 hours or more! it was definitely more for this quilt.

It's ready for a skull border.

I added a few details with sharpie markers. It helps when I am quilting to have the lines to follow.

It's ready to adhere to the texture background. 

I rolled it on the rollers to longarm quilt and thread paint it.

I started by outlining the whole applique' and details with the black thread.

Next I thread painted all the black parts of the motorcycle.

And then a lite grey/silver thread for motor parts and the muffler and the wheel rims and more.

I decided to quilt little Loopy Loop Quilting on the background. I love this quilt as it fills in the background and even adds more texture to it with softer lines.

I stitched my name and 2017 in the corner.

Next it was ready for the black binding.

 I love how the black binding really frames the quilt!
My quilted wall hanging measures 20" X 25"

I flipped it over. You can really see all the thread painting here too.

Before I quilted on the denim motorcycle I decided to do a test quilting to make sure I was going to be able to quilt through the denim and to see how much it would fray. I made a featherweight sewing machine and quilted it.

I took the photo at night, so the denim doesn't look black! I finished that quilted wall hanging this week too.

I am linking up over at Persimon Dreams for the Project Quilting Challenge Number 5.

Hop over and check out all the quilts that were made in only one week or less inspired by a "Well Dressed Man"!

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djquilting said...

Marcia, I love this quilt. I have seen several of these and yours is my favorite.

Janie Bettis said...

Marcia, this is just great, as is your commentary! I'm inspired by you once again!
~ Janie

PersimonDreams said...

This is fantastic! I love your take on the challenge and of course your piece is impeccable!

Jimy said...

nice post