Up Cycle This! Tutorials & Patterns

I transformed (upcycled) this beaded denim shirt into a table topper quilt and hot pads.


I transformed (upcycled) these blue patchwork shorts into a quilt.

The Denim Quilt Block Tutorial is available as a PDF Downloadable for only $1.00. It's a step by step tutorial.

I took quilted fabric scraps and turned them into a hodgepodge patchwork bag!

I made this "Raggy Quilt" from old denim shirts.

Also hop over to Susan's Denim Blog called Denim Do Over - Giving new life to old denim. 
Tell her Marcia sent you!

I turned an old sweatshirt into a feminine sleeveless shirt with a ruffled trim. Up Cycle This --- Sweatshirt

The Pattern is available for only a $1.00 at 
Downloadable PDF Patterns