Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - What are 2 Things a Quilter needs in the Spring?

A quilter needs a quilted tissue holder and a fabric cover for her hanging planters!

This is the link to the Photo Gallery where the tutorial on how to make your own fabric cover for your hanging planters. Click on Quilts in the Garden Photo.

Follow along with the photos and learn how to make the quilted tissue holder here.... 
I made it from a scrap of quilted fabric and scraps of leftover bindings!

The Quilted Tissue Holder Tutorial is available as a PDF Downloadable for only $1.00 at Craftsy.com.

Cut a quilted piece of fabric 6" X 7" . Or wrap the fabric around your tissue package to make sure it will fit.
  Cut 2 binding strips for the 6" sides.
Stitch the binding on the wrong side of your quilted fabric.
Press out flat first.
Then flip over and press binding around to the front side of your quilted fabric.
Embroidery stitch the binding in place on both sides.
Zig Zag stitch the 7 inch sides - the raw edges,
Press the bound edges together with the right side (the pretty side) on the inside, as shown in the photo, so that they meet in the center.

 Stitch both ends about 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Stitch twice and Zig Zag the edges again.
Clip all four corners.
Turn right side out!
  Press it nice a flat so the center meets.
This is a very simple project to make.  It took me about 20 minutes to make it and I was taking photos at the same time.   The little quilted tissue holder would make great get well gift.  Or just make one for yourself!

Enjoy your day!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

After working with fall and winter color palettes - I think a quilter needs to treat herself to some new spring fabrics. Flea Market or Vintage Sheets - like fresh laundry off the clothes line after hanging in the sun!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I think I need to make Amy one of those holders. I just might very soon. I need something to practice quilting with the new machine. I am a bit nervous about that. SO many gadgets!!
Used a toe card today to enclose a note with my H2H exchange fabrics. It's a cute card! Only I noticed I think men's toes that were painted. My husband would NEVER agree to that so how did you manage??

Unknown said...

these are so Florida colors - I need one for my hiking bag and Jorge said he'll make them using your tips... Hope he can get it done before we head to ID...


Terri in BC said...

I think a quilter needs new spring fabric every spring - when it's raining outside, you can still have spring in your hands!

Eugenia Maru http://lulurulitos.blogspot.com said...

Hola. He visto tus trabajos y me han parecido. Yo estoy tratando de aprender crazy quilting, que me gusta mucho. Pero aquí no tengo dónde tomar cursos, así que Internet y blog como los tuyos me ayudan mucho...
Felicidades y cariños.