Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Buds - May for Me - Means Taking Time for You!

Today's post is called Spring Buds - May for Me to give you more tidbits of information about the celebration and prizes.
The May for Me Celebration is all about taking the time to smell the roses - the spring buds!  You need to choose to take these minutes for yourself starting now.

Slow down your schedule a little.

Make positive changes that make you feel better.

Do something you like to do.

Enjoy small moments.

Smell the spring buds! (if you live in Wisconsin you are going to have to look hard for them - still COLD here)

Here is what I am going to do:
I love to sew.  I am choosing some sewing projects that I have been putting off, because I think I don"t have time to do them.  But if I set aside some time to do them, it will happen.  I am taking time for me! I call that Minutes for Me!

I recently participated in Project Quilting. I was afraid I would not have enough time to make the projects, because the winter months in the quilting business are exceptionally busy for me! So I really had to manage my time to get everything done, including customer's quilts and  my daily stuff from wash, dishes, and cleaning and cooking and time for my family.  I found I was happier when I was taking time to do creative sewing projects.  It made all the other stuff in my daily life easier.

So when I was emailing back and forth with Tonya, we decided we needed to share our idea of the May for Me Celebration and make it an event so that others would smell the spring buds too! Tonya is going to do a sew along as part of the celebration.

So join us in celebrating taking a few minutes everyday just for yourself!

The first links to Prizes/Giveaways: 
May for Me Giveaway
Handmade Crafts Done While RVing  A Prize Giveaway

Today's prize giveaway! 

Leave a comment today about your ideas of what you will do to take time in May for you and I will enter you in a drawing for the the May for Me Note Cards!  

Sorry - Only US free shipping.  International winners shipping charges apply. 

Drawing Monday, April 18th!  Hurry leave a comment now!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

How splendid you had cards made up!!! I think they are just terrific. I have my little projects compiled (MY projects), have my 'pamper ME' baskets ready, already treated myself to a new haircut/hairdo. Next week I will start posting some quick, one skillet meals to help get us out of the kitchen.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Don't let me win the notecards as I already have some and they are splendid!!

I love the minutes for me idea. I've already blogged for tomorrow but Saturday seems to be my May for Me day to post anyway so I will post about this and the Minutes for Me!

Jan said...

Those cards are so cute! I'm ready to get a few quilting projects started in May.

Sarah said...

What a cute idea to have cards made up! They are fabulous. I'm excited to learn more about photography in May - just got a new one, and hopefully I can learn a thing or two and start taking some cool pictures to spruce up my blog! :)

Unknown said...

How cheerful these cards are. The quilt they are made from just makes one feel better to look ar it. What a great idea you had for these cards. May for me sounds like it will be a great time for completing projects for my house instead of always gifting finished works.

Wilma Lee said...

I am still working on using up a fat quarter bundle of Bliss fabrics. I want to see how many things I can make from them. Love the cards.