Monday, April 18, 2011

The Color of my Name - Work in Progress - Project Quilting - Off Season Challenge ONE

My colors:  Midnight Blue, Evening Blue, and Wild Watermelon

I added more blue of course...

I brainstormed a week....  Now it is Sunday afternoon a week later and I am finally starting to cut and sew.  I started with 10 inch squares of each fabric.  I also had extra fabric set aside for borders of the same fabrics.

Then I started to sew the rectangles together in random order into rows.

 Then I sewed the rows together.

Then trimmed the ends and saved them for another part.

 After sewing the rows together then I cut them into sections.

Then randomly rearranged them and sewed them back together.

This is where I added the extra strips I trimmed off in the begining.

Add some random border strips to bottom and one side.

Add another border strip to the bottom and one narrow strip on the top.  There are now borders on 3 sides only.  

Now it needs a "Pre Quilt Pressing" and it will be ready for quilting.

Stay tuned for more Work in Progress on Wednesday or Thursday....

Comments and questions are welcomed! Thanks!

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Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I love the colors - we went with blacks and reds in the rig - Jorge needs to build up inventory with these colors so he can make us a new quilt... I wish we had gone with blues.... lol

Miss Hillbilly said...

Blue is my favorite color. You are full of ideas. I can't wait to see the finish!