Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - Part ONE Turn a Quilt into a Bag

This Pattern is available as a downloadable PDF HERE.
Do you have a small quilt, table topper, or wall hanging that you would like to make into a simple quilted tote bag or quilted purse?

I will show you the steps in two parts.  *Sewing and quilt binding experience necessary.  If you have made a bag before it should be easy to follow .  If not you may need more detailed directions. I will post Part Two tomorrow night. Please do not start your bag til you have read both posts. 
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How you cut your quilted piece will depend on the size of your quilt and the size you want your bag.  This is the layout I chose for cutting my bag.  My quilt was about 28" X 35"   You really only need to cut the body of the bag and the straps to make a simple quilted tote bag with no inside or outside pockets.  But as you can see in the picture I cut my quilt, so I could have an inside pocket and a pocket purse.  I wrote a pattern for the pocket purse several years ago.   I cut my body of my bag 17" X 28" and the two straps 4" X 25".  In Part Two I will give you measurements for cutting to get finished sizes.

You will need at least 4 (WOF) X 3" strips to make your double fold binding. The longest pieces you will need will be about 25-27 "  for the straps.  I cut them straight grain - not bias.  But you can use bias binding. Press your 3" strips in half to form the double fold binding. We are going to bind all raw edges even on the inside of the bag. (Part Two)

Stitch the binding on the top edge of each end of the body of the bag on the wrong side of the quilted fabric. The 17" sides only.  See photo.  Press flat and then bring the folded edge around to the front side of the quilt and press again so it wraps around and covers the stitching lines. See next photo. Then embroidery stitch it in place. See next photo.
first step of binding

Fold binding around to front side

Embroidery stitch the binding

Stitch a binding strip to one side of each strap.  Stitch it to the right side of the quilted strap.  Press flat.
two straps

Fold up the ends of the straps about 3/8th of an inch and stitch down.  See arrow on photo.

Then fold the strap so that the binding lays flat like in the photo and pin it so the binding is centered and embroidery stitch on the loose edge first and then on the stitched edge next. Make sure you do not sew over the pins.  The strap on the right is finished.

Attaching the straps to the body of the bag. I measure about 4-5 inches from the edge and pin it with a couple pins to hold it tight before stitching, so it does not move or twist.  I prefer to stitch a square twice with regular straight stitches to hold the straps in place. Go slow as this part will be thick!

Line up the other strap on the other side so it matches exactly and stitch the strap to the body of the bag. Go slow as this part will be thick!

* Disclaimer:  I am sharing a construction method for making a simple no pocket quilted tote bag/purse.  This is not a pattern and I did not get the pattern from somewhere else.  I am just sharing how I construct this simple bag.

I did write a pattern for a Pocket Purse and a Checkbook or Calendar Purse. You may want to purchase either or both of the patterns for detailed instructions on how to attached the binding strips.  There are also pre cut kits available for both patterns. 

Also if you do not have a quilt you want to make into a quilted tote bag or purse contact me about having a piece of fabric quilted.  Marcia@craftysewing.com

If you do not sew and would like a finished quilted tote bag you may order one online right now at Quilted Tote Bags.  There is also a slide show of bags there too. More photos in the Photo Gallery

Last week's Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday-Is it a Quilt or a Purse?

Special orders contact me at Marcia@craftysewing.com

Any questions contact me at Marcia@craftysewing.com

Part Two tomorrow night...




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Thanks for the tutorial. I am glad that you are doing a couple of steps as it gives me an extra day to post on my blog :)

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Very well organized step by step... I love it...

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a great tutorial! Thanks so much!