Monday, December 12, 2011

Three Scrappy Mini Quilts - Getting Up Close with my Quilting

All three mini quilts or table toppers quilts were created using leftover scraps from quilts.  I combined all the leftover fabrics with a lite green quilter's blenders fabric and some assorted scraps. 

I free style quilted them all differently - Meandering, Swirls, and Wiggle Lines.
I created them last week during A Week of Sewing for Barbara's Occupy Your Sewing Room. Click on the week of sewing to see what they looked like before they were quilted.  I will share how I made the little scrappy quilts tomorrow on Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday.
I named the first one Salad Greens.  
It is the smallest quilt and measures 141/2" by 251/2".  I quilted it with a small meandering with a twist - flowers.

I overall swirl quilted the pink and green quilt.  I named this quilt Cotton Candy. It is not a square.  It measures 23" by 26".

The last one is the Peaceful Quilt and measures 25" by 30".  I stitched a double wiggle line and a single wiggle line every other one. The wiggle lines soften the straight lines of the rectangles and squares.  

All I have left to complete on them is the all machine embroidery binding.  I love this embroidery stitch and will stitch it on all three of the quilts.
Tomorrow for Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday, I will share how I made the quilts. They are fun and easy to construct.

Enjoy your day!



Pieces to Love said...

Those are very lovely.

Susana Neiger said...

Beautiful work! I love the colors and the quilting! And, it's such fun to make something mini with the leftovers from another project!

Shay said...

Your quilting is amazing Marcia. I love those swirls.

Mini and scrappy quilts are among my favourites and yours are just gorgeous.

Rosa said...

Those are spectacular!!

beaquilter said...

those are so cute!

elizabeth said...

Fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful mini quilts : ) Thank you for joining the link up party!

Love Of Quilts said...

They are all just lovely. Merry Christmas Trish

Miss Hillbilly said...

Love your scrappy quilts!!!

Doni said...

What pretty quilts! It's amazing what can be made out of mere scraps! Lovely job. Thank you for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!! Hope to see you again in a few weeks.

Skoots1moM said...

would so love to have one of your quilts...beautiful!

Diann said...

Well, I love all three of your scrappy quilts but, if I have to pick a favorite design, I would say the "Cotton Candy". It just feels dreamy! Thank you for sharing at TTF!