Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - Mix and Match!

Do you need one more Christmas Gift?
Create a Mix and Match Hot Pad or Place Mat or Table Runner Quilt. 
It's fast, easy, and looks cool. 
Oh and it is a practical gift.

Choose a focus fabric and then add colors to mix and match.  They don't have to be perfect - just mix and match!
Iron/Press Lite Heat 'n Bond onto the wrong side of the fabric scraps. 
 This is my focus fabric. I added the dotted fabric and quilter's blenders fabrics in matching colors.
After the Heat 'n Bond dries, cut your fabric into rectangles of assorted sizes.  
Peel the paper off the backs.
Place the rectangles on a background fabric.  I chose a bright yellow - Quilter's Blenders Fabric for the background fabric.
Cut another piece of fabric the same size for the backing fabric for your quilt. Cut a piece of batting one inch smaller than the backing fabric.
 Iron/Press the rectangles onto the top yellow background fabric.
Place the top of the quilt on the batting with the pretty sides facing out.  Stitch about a half inch from the edge all the way around the quilt on all four sides.  You are going to leave the edges raw.
Trim the outer raw edge to about a 1/4 of an inch.  If you would like to stitch around it a second time you can.  You could even stitch the edge with an embroidery stitch.
Start stitching each of the rectangles in place.  I stitched about 1/8 inch from the edges.  Whatever looks eye pleasing to you.

Trim all loose threads on the front and the back.

 I used the yellow as it is easy to see.  I would suggest choosing a busy fabric for the back, that way your start-stop stitching won't show.
That's it! You are done!  You can wash it and dry it to get the edges to fray a little if you would like.

 Enjoy your day!
Save the Date: 
January 17, 2011 
Scrappy Quilt Challenge<-Click here for details.

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Mrs.Pickles said...

what a clever idea!

Belinda said...

I love your colorful but simple placemats Marcia!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Fun and fast!

Unknown said...

Marcia, I love this project. After reading this I am determined get my machine out of the closet in 2012 and sew more! Thanks for sharing!