Monday, January 16, 2012

FAQ's about the Scrappy Quilt Challenge Which Starts at Midnight Tonight

How big can I make my Scrappy Quilt for the FREE Quilting, FREE Batting, and FREE Thread for the Challenge?
You can make it up to 48" X 60" = 2880 square inches. Which would be a pretty large baby quilt or a small lap quilt - that's 4 feet by 5 feet!
What if I make it larger, Can a pay the extra amount for the quilting?  YES!
Can I choose the free style quilting design? Yes and no - I will be quilting the winner's quilt with one of the three overall designs from the sample quilts. If you really like the swirls, wiggle lines, or the meandering with a twist, you can request the one you like best.
Do I have to use the denim block pattern to make my quilt?  YES! You must use the denim block pattern as explained in the Scrappy Quilt Challenge Post.
What if I am quilter and made and quilted my scrappy quilt -- Can I link it up and show everyone my scrappy quilt? YES, Please link up so we can see it.  You can also link it up on the Sharing Page.

Linking up for the Scrappy Quilt Challenge starts tonight at Midnight tonight, 12:01AM CST Jan. 17th and will run thru' Monday, Jan. 23rd Midnight. 

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Jan. 24th.

FREE Quilting, FREE Batting, and FREE Thread for your Scrappy Quilt Top! 

Customer provides backing fabric (or you can purchase that from me) and customer pays shipping back and forth. Giveaway drawing is open to everyone who makes a scrappy quilt top, links up photos from your blog or flicker photos, and leaves a comment!

What are my chances of winning?  Pretty good!
If 26 people enter (link up), I will add on another FREE Quilting, FREE Batting and FREE Thread for a another Scrappy Quilt. If 51 people enter I will add on another one... and if I get an over whelming response of 76 people, I will keep adding on prizes up for every 25 entries up to 10 FREE Quilting prizes if necessary!  So keep spreading the Giveaway!
I have received emails that many will use their scrappy quilt for a donation quilt - What a great idea!  Turn your scraps into helping others!
How long does it take to make a Scrappy Quilt? about 1 to 2 hours, if your squares and strips are cut and depending on the size you make. So you can make one on the 18th or the 20th, or even the 22nd and take photos - write a post and link up!  Please make sure you back link to my blog at so everyone can join the fun!
You may use any of the photos from this post or the Scrappy Quilt Challenge Post in your post.

Any questions - please leave a comment or email me at 
Join the fun!
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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, I have my notes and phots marked so ready for my post - this was a fun project and looking forward to seeing what others have done.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I am making mine today and tonight. Might take me a couple more days, but I've cut some of the middle pieces.

Richard Healey said...

I look forward to doing this. I don't have a lot of scraps yet so might be interesting.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Your quilting is really pretty. I LUV the pictures that you shared on todays post. I've got to try that quilt pattern... I don't think I will get one made for your challenge...but, it's definitely on my "to make" list. =)


Donna said...

Oh Marcia, I am so in love with your quilts, quilting and your site. I am ever so happy to have came upon your pages. I feel like I'm stalking you now, because I am following you here and on pinterest!