Friday, January 6, 2012

A Look Back at Season Two of Project Quilting

Why am I taking a look back at Season Two of Project Quilting?   . . .  Because I wanted to let you know that even a very busy person can participate in Project Quilting. You really only need a few 15 minute slots of time each day to make it happen!  If you can grab a few 30 minute slots of time that is even better. You can do it, too!
All of the projects that I created were made in 15 to 30 minute intervals.  If I waited for an hour or two hour slot of time ... I would never find it.  I have to take "Minutes for Me" whenever I get a chance! 
Sometimes it is when I am taking a quilting machine break.  I cut a few strips or iron some of the pieces.  Then later in the day, I may take a break from my quilting and sew a few pieces together.  
Sometimes, I sew for a half hour at the end of the day, after I have dinner in the oven.  There are some days that I wake up before my alarm and then I just get up and start sewing in my pajamas. I call that bonus time -- If I am up early that is "Me Time". 
I even do this with my blog posts.  I re size photos first and then later in the day, I upload them. When I think of what to write, I either jot it down on paper or I stop for a few minutes and type it up.  Then I save and come back to it later in the day.  
You really can do this too... If you start small and just try to find ONE 15 minute slot of time each day, you will be amazed at how much you can get done in a week using this method.  It really works!  Here are the projects to prove it...

The Hodgepodge Patchwork Bag, was my July entry in Off Season Project Quilting.
My June entry and the post about the Floating Lilies and the Tutorial on How to make the Floating Lilies. They were so much fun to make!
My May entry was Tiny Treasures Quilt Wall Hanging. I quilted:  Marcia... Marcia... Marcia... all over the quilt. It was a simple free form quilt and I just had fun with the quilting.

This a group photo of my quilted projects from Season Two. Every challenge inspired all of the participants to create a wonderful variety of quilted projects. You too, can be inspired by Project Quilting!
Click on the title and it will take you to all the posts about that quilt.
Primary Colors Baby Quilt - Having fun with Zentangle Quilting
Escape to Cloud Nine Quilt
My Little Sweetheart Box
Connectivity Quilt
Come Fly with Me Bag and passport bag made with the Flying Geese.
Spinning Spiral Flower Bag 

Here is the post that I wrote about Restarting and Minutes for Me with a listing of quilt projects that I made in short time intervals.

May 1st was My Interview from Season Two of Project Quilting.  It was posted at Kim's Crafty Apple Where Creativity Blooms Blog.

Find your 15 minutes of "Me Time"!  It will make your life more enjoyable! Find time to play, create, and construct something fun!

I am sponsoring a Quilting Prize for all six Challenges and for the Grand Prize! Kim posted about All the Prizes for Project Quilting - Season Three.  Everyone has a chance to win! 

Enjoy your day!


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Foolish Feathers said...

I so agree with you! Right now while I have large blocks of time on bed rest I have been cutting fabric into strips, squares or just putting it together into bags with a copy of the instructions for whatever project I want to make. Then later when I run into small amount of time I can grab a project bag and run with it! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep so I get up and sew strips together or iron something, even if it is for 15 minutes, it usually relaxes me enough to go back to sleep...I am going to check out your link tomorrow afternoon/night during "resting" time! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sandy Panagos said...

Great recap! Nice way to get a lot of things done.

Alison V. said...

Love the colors in the wallhanging! Very impressive overall! :)