Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quilter with a Green Thumb - Maybe... Maybe Not ?

I bought two Amaryllis kits right before Christmas, thinking they might bloom sometime between Christmas and New Year's when my Mom was visiting.  My Mom love flowers and I thought it would be cool to have Red Amaryllis blooming in my living room.
I took them out of the box and followed the directions.  This is the way they looked when I started them.  One was already sprouting out.
Cool ... maybe I will have blooms by New Years! Or at least one bloom!

This is the way they looked on December 29th.  One was growing and one wasn't.
Well, at least one of them is going to bloom. It will look really cool next to my other plants.
Well... New Year's came and went and still no blooms.
On the 8th of January it started to open.
This is how it looked on the 10th of January. I took pictures during the day as I watched it change.

Then the next day!
And the next day!

These were taken on January13th. 

And this is the one that is not growing...It looks perfectly fine but nothing is happening.
The Red Amaryllis does look very nice with my green plants on the table by the window.

Up close of the bloom.  This could be a beautiful red texture fabric to use in a quilt.

That's one nice bloom!  It really could inspire a very pretty thread painted quilt!
I think it was worth taking a picture or two or three everyday.  Hope you enjoyed the view.   
We are suppose to get 7 inches of heavy snow today.  It started snowing early this morning.  I think I will just stay inside and enjoy the flowers! It's a good day to sew in the dining room and enjoy the view of the snow on the evergreens.  Yes, I have to quilt too, but I also need a few Minutes for Me of sewing on the green donation quilt. 
Have a wonderful day!

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Belinda said...

How disappointing about the one that isn't blooming, but the one that is looks beautiful! Enjoy your nice warm home while it snows! And enjoy your quilting time.

Mrs.Pickles said...

how lovely. I think I may have to try my black thumb at growing one or those!

Miss Hillbilly said...

It is beautiful. My thumb is completely black.

Did you get snow?

Beth said...

Marcia, You have some truly nice houseplants. The bright red amaryllis is a stunner, and so nice to have that spot of bright color when outside it's all white (or brown).
Hugs, Beth

Jean Campbell said...

Isn't it exciting when they finally bloom? Don't give up on the sullen one. It will probably decide to grow soon. None of them act exactly the same. Don't water it to death thinking you'll encourage it, so as not to rot the roots. It won't need much water until it begins to take off. The little green tip is an encouraging sign.

Sonia said...

I think amaryllis is one of my favorite bulbs...something so ugly produces something so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!
Miss Bloomers

Susan said...

Don't give up on the other one. It looks healthy. A friend of mine grows them and says some are . . . late bloomers!

Hootin Anni said...

Amaryllis!! I love 'em. Mine, I have several, are outdoor flowers planted in the soil....blooming in the Spring.

Your images and time lapse must have taking weeks to compose. Excellent post.


Martha Z said...

Too bad it didn't bloom for your mom but she can see the pictures, it's a lovely flower. Don't give up on the other one, it may grow yet.

EMily said...

That is beautiful! Too bad the other one hasn't bloomed.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the beautiful blossom!

Happy MM

Ida said...

So pretty and what a brilliant color. It was fun seeing the progression of your flower.