Sunday, April 8, 2012

Apple Blossoms in Wisconsin are a Sure Sign of Spring!

I am taking time to enjoy the colors around me on Easter weekend and of course enjoying time with my family.
Our lawn is covered with dandelions too... amazing for April in Wisconsin.
This is the little path that leads to my quilt shop in the lower level of our home.
I added several apple blossom and spring photos here.
Take time to enjoy your family this weekend.
Happy Easter!


Lida said...

Here the first blosom is also showing! Really an early Spring! Enjoy nature and the Easterweekend, greetings

Belinda said...

I see some future quilts in these photos!

Snoodles said...

Those apple blossoms are just beautiful! Love your photos - I think you should give some tutorials on taking good photos for our blogs! :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

I've not seen your house from this angle before. It is so pretty!

VickiT said...

I really love your house with that huge porch. Not sure if I've ever mentioned it but I just LOVE the wooden quilt wall where the 'walls' of your railing on the porch are near the steps. That is just SO cool. I've never seen anything like that before.

I also just noticed the apple blossoms on our tree just this morning. I'm a bit worried though since the weather forecast for this week isn't very nice to things like that with us getting below 30 degrees for 2-3 nights this week. Brrrrr SO not nice to give us near 90 degree weather and then a week later drop into freezing temps. :( Who upset Mother Nature anyway? She's really messing with our poor Spring plants. LOL

Carla said...

Lovely house and what a pretty blossom