Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Announcing --- New Red Purple in the Extra Wide Fabrics!

Just unwrapped the a new purple.  It is a red purple.
When I ordered the purple that I normally carry, they were temporarily out of stock.  They suggested I carry this red purple.  I like purple, so why not!  I like the new red purple!
Here is a photo with the regular purple and the lavender squares on the new red purple bolt.
You can really see the difference when they are next to each other.

If you don't already know, I am a long arm quilter.  I purchased my Gammill Plus Regulated Stitch Quilting Machine nine years ago April 1st. I quilt full time 5 days a week.

I carry Extra Wide Fabrics for my customers in my shop and for you on my website at www.craftysewing.com.
After adding the red purple, I now carry 30 bolts of extra wide fabrics.
That's a lot of extra wide fabric all in one place!
Some of the Quilter's Blenders Colors that I stacked up on the table for a photo. Normally, they are on the shelving unit.
The extra wide fabrics can be used for making a quilt top or a quilted tote bag.  It's not just backing fabric. 
I used scraps of the quilter's blenders fabric to create my place mats and table runner for the Project Quilting Challenge.  If you would like to order less than one yard of any of the extra wide fabrics, email me.  Plus Charm Packs of the Quilter's Blenders are now available too.
I need to cut the 5 inch squares of the Red Purple and add it to the sample package of each fabric that I currently have in stock. There are now 19 Quilter's Blenders in the 108" Wide Fabrics.

The sample pack includes the cream and white muslin - that is 120" wide and tiny white flower fabric -108" wide, the color tone fabrics, and floral fabrics - all in 108" wide.  Click here to order a sample pack.
I also carry a white flannel.  It is not in the sample pack. I carry it on a roll and it is 60" wide.  It is perfect for design walls and ironing boards.

I am currently offering a "shipping special" for US shipping. I ship out fabric orders within 24 hours of receiving your order.

YES - I ship International fabric orders, but you must email me your order. I will email you a paypal invoice for your purchase and shipping. Thanks!

When I add new Extra Wide Fabrics on my website, I will always let you know!

Just before Christmas, I added a New Blue
 and a Rosie Red Quilter's Blenders.
In November, I added the Tiny White Flower 108" Wide Fabric. 
I like to have several fabric color choices and that is why I carry a large selection of Extra Wide Fabrics.  Not just for me -- it's for you too!
Have a great day!

You can now purchase the charm packs on my website at www.craftysewing.com


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Lida said...

Lovely colours! Like the things you do with the left overs! Greetings